Sunak and Macron meeting at the Elysee Palace

After years of political tension between England and France in the wake of Brexit, the leaders of the two countries held a “reunion and reunification” meeting today.

According to what was reported by CNBC news channel, French President Emmanuel Macron, who hosted British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak at the Franco-British meeting today, said that this meeting is really exceptional. This is a moment of reunion, reconciliation and a new beginning.

At this meeting, they discussed issues such as illegal immigration, energy and security challenges.

Acknowledging that there are challenges in relations between the two countries, Sunak said today’s meeting marked a “new beginning”.

Among the agreements reached at this meeting, we can mention the promise of building a detention center in northern France, the assignment of 500 police forces to patrol the French coast, and more drone and surveillance technologies.

They also agreed to train the Ukrainian navy, increase operational coordination of their forces, and jointly develop advanced weapons, including air defenses and long-range missiles.

The French President said in a joint press conference with Sunak after this meeting: “Our desire in the short term to help the survival of Ukraine and help this country in the implementation of the counterattack it wants.”

This was the first bilateral meeting between the leaders of France and England since the beginning of the Corona epidemic and the start of Russia’s attack on Ukraine.

On the eve of this meeting, Macron wrote on Twitter: “The destinies of our countries are linked together and we have common challenges.” We will move forward with cooperation, among other things, in the fields of security and energy.

On the eve of this meeting, Sunak said that we are facing new and unprecedented challenges and we must strengthen the structure of our alliance to be ready to face future challenges.

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