Bashar al-Assad: Israel’s goal is to expel Christians

Representatives of humanitarian, social and development associations and organizations met with President Bashar al-Assad yesterday, according to the International Service of Informants Online. The meeting was held within the framework of the International Conference of the Catholic and Christian Church.

According to the official Syrian News Agency (SANA), Al-Assad stressed that the theoretical dimension is a very important factor in interviewing the participants, but the aspect of daily life is no less important.

He pointed out that “the joint initiative of the church and society presented in this conference includes several messages, the most important of which is that the role of religious and social structures in Syria, including associations and institutions, is unlimited.” Religion, but also social duty involved in development.

The Syrian President indicated: The Christian citizen in Syria is not a weak or second-class citizen, but a partner to this country, and the title of this partnership is work and production.

Al-Assad explained that the basis for development measures is maintaining social balance, considering the opportunity for dialogue and collective thinking in the conference and formulating its procedures.

He said that the displacement of Christians was one of the main goals of foreign plots against the region, but that it was mainly aimed at Israel. Because when the countries of the region are divided into several sectarian states, the Zionist regime becomes a natural thing.

To this end, just days before the start of the Russian military operation in Ukraine, Tel Aviv officials made a major effort to evacuate the country’s Jews to the occupied territories and called on Moscow to provide a safe route for Tel Aviv’s Jews. The request was met with a strong response from the Kyiv government and the recall of the Israeli ambassador.

“Our message to Ukrainian Jews is very clear: Israel has always been their homeland and our gates are always open to them, both in normal and extraordinary times,” said Israel’s Minister of Refugee Affairs, Benina Tamanu Chatto. In critical periods.

But according to the Zionist Channel 13, in the aftermath of the war in Ukraine, most of the Jews living in the country, more than 200,000, refused to travel to occupied Palestine and preferred to reside in Ukraine or travel to other countries (more details).

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