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Breast prosthesis Review 5 rumors about breast implants with Dr. Farhad Masizadeh

breast prosthesis It is one of the most popular breast surgeries in the world. In addition to the fact that the use of prostheses is considered a cosmetic procedure, but for those who have had their breast tissue completely removed by mastectomy due to breast cancer, the use of prostheses or breast reconstructions can also be a curative measure.

Unfortunately, in our country Iran, at present (Dan 1401) operation Breast reconstruction Although it is considered a curative procedure in the view of many specialist surgeons, it is still not covered by insurance. But the positive effects of using prostheses can restore mental health for many patients.

In this article, with the help of Dr. Farhad Masada, breast cancer specialist and breast plastic surgeon, we want to check together 5 misconceptions about the use of prostheses and tell you about the benefits of using prostheses. So if you are thinking of breast augmentation and shaping, stay tuned.

Breast prosthesis, breast plastic surgery

Breast correction with a prosthesis or implant is a procedure that can be performed by a breast surgeon and a plastic surgeon. This operation is considered one of the surgical procedures that have aesthetic and therapeutic aspects. Which is mostly known for the aesthetic aspect and correcting the shape of the breast, but in cases such as breast reconstruction after breast cancer and surgery Mastectomy Considering the vital role of breasts in women, this operation can be considered a kind of treatment and should be performed by the best breast surgeon you know.

But still, in the general opinion, prosthesis surgery is a very risky procedure, and there are many rumors about it. Among the important rumors about the use of prostheses, the following can be mentioned:

1- To put the prosthesis on the body, many incisions must be made, which is a surgical procedure.

According to Dr. Farhad Masada, breast augmentation with prostheses is a safe and minimally invasive cosmetic procedure. Usually, after a consultation session with a breast surgeon, according to the patient’s body shape and request, the appropriate size of the prosthesis is determined, and the patient is given complete information about the risks and events that occur before and after the operation. At the time of placing the breast prosthesis, depending on the patient’s condition, a small incision is usually made in the body tissues and the breast prosthesis is properly positioned.

The choice of the type of incision and the operation depends on the choice of the surgeon and the general condition of the patient, but currently there is the possibility of performing breast prosthesis surgery without an incision, which is a new and exclusive technique that will be suggested to you by the expert surgeon if possible.

2- If the breast is congenitally small, an artificial limb cannot be placed.

This phrase is also one of the misinformation that exists in the community. Breast implant surgery can help a person return the size of their breasts to their normal and balanced condition, either congenital or over time due to various complications. In addition, some people do not have symmetrical breasts as a result of surgeries such as mastectomy (breast cancer treatment), which can help them regain beauty and self-confidence. Our advice is that before you decide to have a breast prosthesis, you should determine the purpose of this operation and consult with experts so that you have realistic requirements from this operation.

3- The shape of the prosthesis in the body is unnatural and will never resemble a natural breast.

Breast prostheses are divided into round and teardrop-shaped in terms of appearance. The round breast prosthesis is for people who want to have more prominent breasts, and the softness and good shape of the prosthesis are a priority for them. A teardrop prosthesis is suitable for people who want to have the appearance of natural breasts.

Currently, usually in a counseling session, both forms are shown to the patient and based on his interest as well as the patient’s medical conditions, it is suggested which form to use. After the prosthesis becomes normal or abnormal, it depends on the conditions that will definitely be determined before the operation.

4- The cost of breast replacement surgery is very high.

Before we examine this belief, it is best to talk about how the breast implant surgery cost is calculated. The cost of breast augmentation or breast prosthesis is affected by several factors such as type of implant, materials used, hospital fees, skill level and experience of the doctor and is highly variable.

One of the most important things that increases the price of surgery is the price of the prosthesis. Unfortunately, some profit seekers reduce the cost of the operation by using low-quality prostheses, and in the end, the result of the operation will not be satisfactory. After the consultation session, the hospital of choice and the method of breast prosthesis surgery, it can be determined. The cost of a breast prosthesis in 1401 was about 25 million tomans. It of course varies according to the brand chosen and the country of manufacture.

5- Breast grafting causes cancer.

Finally, the biggest misconception in choosing breast implants is that implantation causes breast cancer. According to the studies conducted, there is still no connection between wearing prostheses and causing breast cancer, autoimmune diseases and other systemic diseases. There is currently no conclusive evidence of a diagnosis of more advanced cancer in women who have breast implants. Breast examinations after this procedure will not be disturbed, of course, you should inform the sonographer about the presence of the prosthesis when performing a mammogram or other diagnostic procedures. It is important to consider some points on the part of the medical imaging colleague.

Farhad Masdeh; Dr.. Specialist in breast cancer surgery and plastic surgeon

In this article, in collaboration with Dr. Farhad Masdeh We tried to answer the biggest and most important questions of plastic surgery students and learn about the biggest rumors about breast prosthesis.

But anyway, you can check with them personally through the site for a more detailed review Take action and get all your questions answered in a counseling session.

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