Independent presence of knowledge-based companies at the International Oil Industry Equipment Exhibition

With the support of the Innovation and Prosperity Fund, Iranian knowledge-based companies will independently participate in the 15th International Oil, Gas and Petrochemical Industry Equipment Exhibition, as well as the Oil Industry Health, Safety and Environment Exhibition.

According to the informants, This exhibition, which takes place from 22-25 Sherivar at the permanent site of the international fairs in Fars province, is an opportunity for knowledge-based companies active in the field of oil, gas and petrochemicals to showcase their products and capabilities. Other advantages of attending this exhibition include displaying products at the fair, product marketing, bilateral and multilateral business meetings, as well as facilitating communication between suppliers and buyers.

According to the Public Relations Report of the Innovation and Prosperity Fund, those interested can register at and call 09170552460 and 09170552470 for more information and advice.

This four-day fair will be held from September 22-25, visiting hours from 17:00 to 22:00.

One of the services of the Innovation and Prosperity Fund, in accordance with the market development of knowledge-based companies, is to support the independent presence of knowledge-based companies in local international exhibitions so that companies can present their products and achievements in this exhibition. Exhibitions. .

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