The Ministry of Energy has taken good steps to provide stable electricity in the summer season

A member of the Energy Committee of the Islamic Parliament said: In addition to the steps taken by the Ministry of Energy to provide sustainable electricity in the summer season, it is necessary to take steps to improve the efficiency of power plants in the country and focus on producing renewable electricity.

Hossein Hosseinzadeh said, in an interview with reporters, referring to the measures taken by the Ministry of Energy to manage power outages, especially in the summer season: Praise be to God, the performance of the Ministry of Energy is one of the strengths of the 13th government. The Ministry of Energy has taken good measures, especially in the field of sustainable electricity supply in the summer. Among the measures taken by the Ministry of Energy are the establishment of combined-cycle power plants, the savings and improvements that have been made, and the obligation of large factories to supply their electricity needs and to manage consumption during peak times.

This Energy Committee member also stated: But some delays over the past 30 years have created conditions that require more coherent planning to overcome challenges. Today, the maximum efficiency of power plants in our country is 39%, while the minimum efficiency of power plants in the world, especially in Europe, is about 58%. One of the reasons why electricity production in our country does not meet the needs is the low efficiency of the country’s power plants. On the other hand, we have 65% of energy losses in the ministries of oil and energy. Of the 65%, about 40% is for the DOE.

The representative of the people of Laristan in the Islamic Council said: We have losses in the production, transmission and distribution of electricity. Energy loss in the DOE is high and it is necessary to think about this issue. On the other hand, due to the desert nature of the center of Iran and the angle of radiation, good planning is required for the production of renewable electricity.

And Hosseinzadeh stressed: With the continued increase in annual electricity consumption and electricity production, this problem will continue. If we do not provide electricity to our factories in the summer and cut off gas in the winter, they will actually stop working, unemployment will increase, and the country’s foreign exchange earnings will decrease. It is necessary for several relevant ministries to come together and seriously engage in the production of renewable energy.

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