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According to the electronic news agency, Mehdi Chamran, President of Tehran City Council, during his visit to the booth of Bahman Group at the 18th Transportation, Construction and Urban Services Exhibition in Aftabnagar city, spoke about exploiting the potential of private companies in renovation. Despite the presence of companies such as Bus Fleet and Bahman Group and the possibility of production in the country, unfortunately, for more than a decade, the Tehran municipality has not purchased any products from manufacturing companies in line with the development and renewal of buses. Navy.
He considered the need to buy city buses more than the production capacity of local companies. In this regard, he said, the private sector recommended local companies to import so that the production capacity of local companies would reach the required demand. he is during It is clear that the municipality and the city council have not made any proposal to import buses, and they are not responsible for importing buses, and they insist on using the country’s production capacities.
“It is a source of joy in the country,” said the mayor of Bahman ward, welcoming the various uses of urban services. Husband The capabilities are there.
Chamran went on to say that if local companies respond to the local needs of city buses, there is no compulsion to import. looking at: If local companies supply about 2,000 buses by the end of this year, we would certainly welcome it.
I have to say; Bahman Group will display its products in the field of commercial vehicles and urban services at the 18th Exhibition for Transport, Construction and Urban Services from 6 to 9 online 1401. Sun City Introduce those interested. little truck penetrateAnd the mini Kiss winged horseAnd the duty 8.5 tons gives strength 460 trucks are on display, including commercial vehicles and freight vehicles.
also; In the field of urban service vehicles and urban transportation, Bahman Group has such products and applications as fire fighting, garbage transportation and separation, and CITY12 bus.
Snowfall is displayed between international Shahr Aftab has products for motorbike and motorcycle enthusiasts and four-wheel drive enthusiasts can view these products.

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