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According to the online news agency, Alireza Ahmadi Manish said: After the police officers reported that fuel smugglers were planning to attack the Bandar Abbas oil products line, special orders were issued in this regard.

He added: After a more detailed investigation, it was found that the fuel smugglers dug a tunnel 80 meters long and five meters deep after arriving at the cattle shelter in the Geno spa area. The main line for transporting petroleum products to Bandar Abbas, making a hole in the pipe, transports the stolen fuel through an 800-meter branch to the dock site.

Statements of the Public Prosecutor Bandar Abbas: After digging and connecting the branch, they began to extract fuel illegally and steal fuel, but they were unable to do so because of the large amount of gas that had accumulated in this tunnel. After completing the work, two smugglers lost their lives in the accident.

Ahmadi Manish indicated: 181 smuggled sheep were discovered in the targeted area and delivered to the slaughterhouse.

Referring to the provisions of Article 687 of the Islamic Penal Code, he said: 8 people were arrested on charges of obstructing public places, and they are being arrested with the issuance of a criminal warrant until the investigation and legal procedures are completed.

The Prosecutor and Revolutionary Prosecutor of Hormozgan Province said: “In order to investigate the various aspects of the problem and identify the elements behind the scenes and arrest them, the necessary orders have been issued to Bandar Abbas police, and the result will be announced after the investigation.” Operation finished

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