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Jawad Wahidi said in an interview with a reporter on the Internet: I traveled to Sousse at the invitation of the representative of the people of Sousse and Karkheh in Parliament to investigate and solve the problems of the cultural and tourist heritage of Sousse.

He said: In various visits, special investigations were conducted in different areas of cultural heritage. There are issues related to privacy and space in the city of Shush, which have caused problems and resentment to the people of this city, which requires more expert work, and which can be solved by thinking in the field of cultural heritage.

The Deputy Cultural Heritage continued: There is a consensus in Shoshingar to deal with these issues, but due to the approach of the President and the Minister of Cultural Heritage towards border reform, expert work and further investigations are needed. And cultural heritage areas, these problems can and should be solved.

He said, “Cultural and tourism heritage should not cause problems and dilemmas for people and investors.” Some misunderstandings in the past caused people and investors to face problems in the field of cultural heritage and tourism.

The Undersecretary for Parliamentary, Legal and Local Affairs to the Minister of Cultural Heritage said: The “Jarjami” management style of the Minister of Cultural Heritage is completely different from the past periods, and this administrative difference is evident these days in the Ministry of Cultural Heritage. and tourism

The heritage sites in Sousse must be restored

Vahidi’s statement: In the field of cultural heritage, the problems of the people of Shushangar must be solved, and these problems will certainly be solved with the various directions of the Minister of Cultural Heritage.

He added: In Khuzestan and the city of Shush, more attention should be paid to this region by adjusting borders and heritage areas. Of course, given that there is a need to create productive job opportunities in tourism infrastructure, cultural heritage and other sectors, there is also a need to adjust borders and heritage areas.

The deputy for cultural heritage said: “The necessary instructions regarding improving borders and fields were given to officials of governorates and cities in accordance with legal procedures, and basic and good measures were taken.” It is hoped that in the near future we will witness the creation of productive job opportunities in the cultural heritage and tourism sector in Chouchanegar.

He pointed to the high age of the ancient city of Sousse and added: The city of Sousse is very rich in the field of cultural heritage, and this ancient city needs more attention.

The heritage sites in Sousse must be restored

Wahidi said: In visiting the historical monuments of the city of Shush, Chagaznabil “ziggurat”, Shush Castle, the shrine of Hazrat Daniel the Prophet (PBUH)a) Haddam, the high culture and high historical period of the peoples of this region and region show that this cultural richness – the heritage that represents the national identity of this region and region – can be presented to the world.

He said: The country’s Ministry of Cultural Heritage is ready for any cooperation to present this ancient city to the people of the country and the world.

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