Borrowing facilities for affected farmers in Ilam extended for another 3 years – online news agency Iran and world news

According to an online reporter, Hassan Bahramneh said on Monday evening: The government council has followed up on its previous decision with a purpose. lan lan speed boost Rehabilitation Livelihoods and interests of the victims mandia injury originated from Because of the extension of the due date of the drought relief premiums, farmers incurred losses in which the installments were delayed. 1400 Agreed with

Referring to the speech of the vice president and head of the country’s budget and program regulator, the governor of Ilam told the central bank, “The government has a financial burden.” originated from drought (he won He secured and obtained the cost and fees of the facilities obtained by the victim, and the Central Bank has been notified of this guarantee.

Bahram Nia added: Of the amount of 25 thousand billion riyals, there is 1600 billion riyals the share of the state of Ilam that the operating banks have committed to pay in addition to the interests, fees and fines obtained by the victims. In the agricultural year 1392-1400, drought premiums hit the agricultural sector in 1400, and the source of the facility is used for a maximum of three years as requested by the applicant. impossible an act

The Governor of Ilam called on the operating banks to take the necessary measures as soon as possible approx to attract money Share Interruption in nature impossible phrase K The Cabinet approves and notifies of Article 33 of the Sixth Development Plan Law vice president The president and head of the organization shall implement the state budget program and the central bank for the dear farmers of the province impossible three year take a loan Reward, blessing, win will be

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