The “Poisoning State” and the Media That Arrive Late / Why Don’t We Consider the Media Friends?

The poisoning of school students in the country and the method of informing officials and responding to them showed that the media is still incorrect in the eyes of some officials, and instead of considering the media as an effective assistant for managing deviations and crises. They see it in front of them.

Isnables: Those who have media literacy and communication sciences know very well that in today’s world, news will not stay in any mailbox and box, it will reach the public in any possible way, and the media can only manage its shape and form so that it reaches the public in the right way in the years when it can even For the account in the social network to independently be a media with a wide range of news and publish news without the framework, rules and regulations of the official media, a strict look at the official media whose members and staff have learned journalism etiquette, training and mastering the professional and ethical principles of news. It can be dangerous. Because it not only offends them, but also educates public opinion against them, and the loss of credibility and public trust is the reputation of all media, and no matter how hard it is to be earned, it can easily be lost, even with publication. – There is a delay in the news. The media, which can be the auxiliary arm of the authorities in times of crisis and a reliable medium for eliminating rumors and news on the phone, is easy to discredit.

Media audiences like to see all forms of media as the only independent and true mediator between the event, the events surrounding it, and themselves. Now that the negative view of the media has turned from a real mediator and messenger into a barrier to hide and conceal news, which is contrary to its essence and can not only be a helping hand in times of crisis, but has also become. become meaningless and meaningless.

It has been more than 100 days since the serial poisoning incident in the country. A story first reported with news of simple poisoning. However, the incident was repeated and more serious in one or two other schools, but the denial of the governorate authorities and the restriction of the media in dealing with this issue provided space for rumors. News of this poisoning slowly made its way from the news margins in the Persian-language media outside of Iran to the top of the news, and after the poisoning spread to the cities of Borujerd and Tehran, it became the main part of Iran-related news in the world’s media.

After the spread of false stories by the media outside Iran and the spread of poisoning in various schools and confusion of public opinion, the information was not very clear, but after several months of denial and attribution of poisoning cases to indoctrination and excitement. From knowledge..the students were finally approved by the authorities and they all attended and declared their position. The story that once again led the public to believe that the official media failed to cover some events and until the news spread, the information would not be clear and timely.

In the past few days, it was confirmed that students were poisoned. Public opinion, especially parents of students, because the dimensions and extent of the story are not clear to them and they did not receive additional information; Every day they worry about their children’s condition in school. But so far, the content produced about this incident has been limited to condemning the incident, and not much content has been produced about the cause of the accident or even educational and security content. This is while various media outlets outside Iran have publicly attributed the incident to the government and even religious groups under the pretext of opposing girls’ education, and every day we witness disgusting comments from different personalities and people. In this way even Pakistani Malala Yousafzai, who was once assassinated by extremist groups for going to school, now instead of speaking out for not allowing Afghan girls and launching a campaign, commented on the poisoning of Iranian girls’ schools. who were not excluded from the study. Do not forget that while the religious community and the government have been blamed for the lack of information, the number of educated girls and the facilitation of education conditions for women and girls in Iran is an important statistic.

The headlines of serial poisoning incidents in the media outside Iran and attributing them to a current within the government is a ridiculous percentage, which, because it captured the first novel, is spread on social networking sites, but the official media could not help but enter into this issue, clarify it and say about it.. Previously The state authorities have been following the matter for 100 days but the notification has not been heeded.

Managing tension and controlling impulses is one of the responsibilities of the media before society, but the results of recent events show that the negative view of the media and the lack of work in covering critical news not only hides the news, but rather hides it. It also gives her the wrong angle coefficient. So what is the best way to use the tools of the media at the right times so that the first narrative is formed properly in the mind of the public and the power of the official media is not transferred to the foreign media.

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