Don’t say these disturbing sentences to working mothers!

“You worked all these years; now your child should be a priority!”; So let the son-in-law of such-and-such a house, may God be pleased with him, his house will be like a bouquet of flowers! Working mothers have no interest in their children! “Really, how do you want to send such a little kid to kindergarten?” And…

Journalists Plus: Words a working mother may have heard many times from those around her. She may ignore these sentences and respond with a smile of sympathy for those around her, but the working mother often feels anxious and sad that she is not a good mother to her child or that she is an inadequate mother. !

It’s heartbreaking to hear working mothers, many of them, talk about the stress and anxiety caused by the people around them.

Learn from yourself!

Samira is a 35-year-old working mother whose young son has just entered first grade: “I am a working mother and this makes me very depressed because of financial needs and staying at home. If I had social conditions, I think I would be better and be a happy mother to my son. Of course with all my heart emphasis.” There is additional pressure on me. After 8 hours of work, I have to take care of my second job, housework, startup and, on the one hand, my son’s lessons. I feel bad

Many times my wife’s mother helps me take care of my son which I know is a difficult task. However, whenever I go to pick up my son, he says something unpleasant to me that really bothers me. For example: “God willing, you will do all your work!” His house is like a herd! He reads his children so well! I am really tired of these sentences. Because I have a good life and I will fight for this life with all my might…”

It’s always going!

Maliha is a 40-year-old mother and university professor who, in addition to her students, has to take care of her two young children: “Being a good teacher at work and at the same time being an ideal wife and mother is stressful. In general, the work environment is not a priority for a mother and it goes against the propaganda of having children.” Do the work. In addition to the housework one has to take care of the children. What time do I go to work? 5 in the morning? I come home in the afternoon. I do the housework and take care of my child’s school until 1 am, but the people around me They make me feel like I’m not a good mom because I work!”

Don't say these disturbing sentences to working mothers!

Why should I forget my interests?

Sahar, 37, is also a working mother raising her 4-year-old daughter these days: “Working mothers always hear unpleasant and repetitive words around them, for example, you worked for your heart all these years, but now you have to live from For your child. Or to have a working mother. Children lack affection! Too often, some people say how do you want to go with a small child? Why do some people think that a working mother should forget herself and all the cares? If she can balance her life And raising her child.”While my mother is taking care of my child, I think mothers who hear these words and have to take their children to daycare hear bad words.”

A housewife also has a full time job

Taiba, a 30-year-old mother, decided not to work outside the home and become a housewife when her child entered the first grade: “I have been working since I was 19 and have a permanent income. I continued to work until my son was 6 years old and there was a lot of pressure on me, but My personal priority was spending my time with my family and managing the household.Household work is a full-time job and I don’t have time to sleep for half an hour every day.Housekeeping is work without vacation and salary, and the advantage of working abroad is a woman’s right and right.It is true that my priority now is housekeeping, but I think That the woman is capable enough to do the housework and work outside the home.”Perhaps the only thing she wants from her husband and those around her is to understand her mother’s feelings and not question her.”

How does a working mother suffer from mental exhaustion?

Gehrisena Anzani (a psychologist), who previously spoke with informants, believes: Some research shows that daughters of working mothers have higher academic satisfaction, self-confidence, academic progress, meanness, commitment, and desire-following. . more successful than girls, so it seems that the mother’s work in the house has the greatest impact on females. Of course, there are other conflicting studies that show that children of working mothers sleep more and sleep anxious and disobedient, as well as feelings of shyness, fear and anxiety more in girls and mental, social and behavioral disorders more in boys, but nevertheless, the better the education of the mother and her relationship with her husband, the better her life skills and a good existence At home, this can be prevente from all this. disturbances.”

This psychologist says that work sometimes causes stress and parents can transfer this stress to their children. He says: A working mother has a lot of responsibility; Therefore, he must create a balance between work and home, otherwise he will suffer from psychosis. His children also suffer from corrosion and behavioral disorders. The mother plays a vital role in the safety and happiness of the child, so a mother who feels relief through exercise can pass on that feeling of relief to her husband and child. Proper planning

At the same time, says Anjani, “Mothers should create a warm atmosphere at home and consider small goals like watching movies, playing games, and cooking with their children. They should continue at home. A working mother should also take care of her needs as a mother to have the best relationship with her husband and child.” , because a happy and purposeful mother will be more successful in running the house.”

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