Where is the place of print advertising in today’s world?

Definition of print advertising

In simple words, the process of printing and reproducing designs made by graphic artists is called print advertising.

Designers can create designs for different types of printed products such as catalogs, brochures, tote bags, letterhead, etc. Each of these products is very useful for a type of business and is used accordingly.

For example, if you go into a digital store, over and over again you can find catalogs and brochures introducing you to the store’s products. Of course, note that the brochure has small but effective differences with the catalog, which is the difference in the article between we have provided catalogs and brochures.

For a digital store and a home appliance store, catalog printing is the best option, while for cosmetics and health centers, brochures are more useful and have a greater impact on the customer.

Therefore, we realized that each of our printed products deserves to be worked on and used.

How to use print ads

1- Determine the goal: To get started with print advertising, you need to define your goal. For example, do you plan to increase your brand awareness or introduce your new products to customers?

2- Design the message: After defining the goal, you need to design the right message for your ad. Your message should be engaging and relevant to your target and audience.

3- Determine the type of printing: For print ads, you can use different types like catalogs, brochures, posters, business cards, etc. To choose the type of printing, you should pay attention to your purpose and budget.

4- Site selection: For print ads, you need to choose the right place to place your ads. For example, if you have an online business, you can advertise online.

5- Performance Measurement: To measure the performance of print ads, you should use various methods, including surveys, customer feedback, and so on.

Types of paper advertisements Types of advertising printing

Simple example of print ads

Imagine that you are responsible for advertising a famous person in a big city. This person wants to perform in a concert next month, and you are obligated to inform all residents of the city about this concert.

What is the best way to let people know about this party?

With a little bit of thought, we realize that the best option for this activity and gathering is to print brochures and posters in the crowded areas of the city.

By installing posters on the city gate and wall, you can make people pay attention to your concert, and as a result, everyone will know that a certain singer will give a concert on a certain date.


Monthly or weekly magazines are often referred to as journals that are published for various sections of society and in specialized and non-specialized fields. Most of these magazines are of general use and are used by almost all the general public. Journals are published in various cycles and pages depending on the topic, content and audience they have. The paper of these magazines is made of different materials. Some journals have glossy papers that are more resistant and of better quality. These papers make printed photos with better quality and resolution. But other papers are also used for magazines, which are very similar to newsprint, although they are a little more resistant. But they don’t have the glossy paper quality.

Magazines, both general and exclusive, are a good place to insert advertisements and commercial letters. The prevalence and popularity of these magazines can cause advertising rates to vary. But in general, monthly magazines are a convenient tool in print advertising and presenting your ads to a general audience.


Newsletters are like general magazines, with the difference that they are only intended for printing Ads and promotions He is. These journals, which are generally published in a specialized manner, are not interesting to offer to the general public. But it is very popular in the related market. General business owners obtain the necessary information from their labor market by referring to these advertisements and learning about new products.

Sobh Advertising Center, which has been working in the field of advertising and providing these advertisements for many years. Today, it has been able to publish and distribute its advertising magazines in five specialized areas. These ads generally have the following features that make them one of the best advertising and print media tools.

  1. The paper material for advertising becomes more resistant and of better quality than general magazines.
  2. Full color on all of their pages is one of their favorite features.
  3. The high quality of the print work in the print ads in these newsletters.


A catalog is an advertising tool that is considered one of the most stylish and elegant ways to advertise in print. Catalogs start with two pages and, upon customer request, can be printed like a multi-page brochure. The catalog is one of the best ways to present the company’s products and services exclusively. The type of paper used in the catalog varies according to the customer’s request. But it is better to use glossy papers of more than 170 gsm in order for these catalogs to benefit from durability and better quality. Paper type, packaging, and calculated design are among the most important factors in producing a useful and functional catalog.

If you intend to order catalog printing, you should know that it is more than just offset printing and in cases where the public needs immediate printing or small distribution; Digital printing is used. The point is that the quality of offset printing services is much higher than digital printing, and it is recommended to use offset printing to print your catalog. You should also be aware that the catalog you are requesting meets the following points:

  • A good catalog should be able to answer all of the audience’s questions
  • Provide more complete information to the customer than brochures and posters
  • Images used in the catalog must match the text
  • If you want to give your catalog a better look, you can use a spot UV coating or cellophane coating.


Printing an advertising brochure is, in fact, the same booklet, with the difference that it contains a line, and its layout created an order in its pages based on this line. Another feature of this line is the reduction in the dimensions of the original paper. Therefore, it can be said that brochures are more practical than brochures and offer more suitable print advertisements. Of course, we must not forget that each of these two features has its own uses. However, a brochure is often a more appropriate option than other print advertisements for expressing details. Now, if you are going to use this advertising tool, it is better to pay attention to these points so that your brochure can be a successful advertisement.

This rooted desktop flag print is one of the most popular and widely used science able printing press It is in this group and market.

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