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According to an online reporter, Cyrus Ibrahimi, on Wednesday, at a meeting of the market organization headquarters in Lorestan, referring to the process of holding meetings of this headquarters in the province, he said: From April 15 of this year to May 20, when there was a problem of chicken shortage in Market, meetings were held on a daily basis.

Referring to the launch of the kapok system in Luristan, Wayne said: To support production and consumers, with the help of this system, intermediaries were removed and the chicken production chain was controlled from poultry farms, slaughterhouses, transportation and distribution.

The economic deputy of the governor of Lorestan said: The chicken slaughterhouses in Lorestan suffer from problems and according to the estimates that were made at the regional level, the slaughter of chickens in the province is done at less than the regional price, and an expert must conduct investigations in this field, which will be conducted at the next meeting of the headquarters The customization market must be regulated in this area.

Ibrahimi explained that the approved price for sugar in the country will be announced in the coming days, and said: 16,500 tons of sugar produced in the governorate must be sold at the same approved price, bearing in mind that the price of milk is 15,000 tomans per kilo. – The announcement was made at the state level, and this decision must be communicated to the supervisory and punitive institutions so that there is no problem in society, otherwise the punitive body must deal with the violators according to the regulations.

He referred to the prohibition of the exit of livestock from the governorate, and added: Considering that the livestock breeders currently have no problem in providing inputs, and the rich pastures are at the disposal of the livestock breeders, and this could have an impact on reducing meat prices in the governorate compared to previous regulations and prevents the exit of livestock from Governorate.

The economic deputy of the governor of Luristan for the recent fires in the fields mountain plateauAnd room breakers And chigani So he mentioned and said: If these fires were committed intentionally, then they are a crime.

Ibrahimi said: Considering that this year between hydroponics and hubby There is no difference in terms of perception and the same amount will be done, the people are sure of putting out the fire and who deliberately set fire to the fields, the city prosecutor will follow up the matter more carefully and deal with the violators.

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