Who is Dr. Islami Nodoshan and what did he do?

Of course, Iran should not be forgotten. Who are the Islamic doctors and what did they do? Let me first tell you what man has done because it is his own business. He wrote about Iranian culture during his lifetime and is one of the most contemporary Iranian writers I know. The fact that he has racial and ethnic prejudices and regards Iran as superior to other ethnicities and countries does not mean that I am Iranian. He respected others and non-Iranians, especially the new culture, but he devoted himself to introducing Iranian culture and focusing on the richness of this culture and literature, but his work was not limited to literary research in Iran. Translation of the most important works of European writers and poets. The works of poets and writers such as Baudelaire, Shakespeare and Thomas Mann. One of his great translations is The Flowers of Paris and The Boring Translation. I would like to say something about the plays of Superman and Superself, which were written in the light of the major spying scandal and showed the relationship between morality and politics with humor and kindness. He was not a politician nor belonged to any political group. When he was young, some of his closest friends were associated with a party or an influential member of that party. At that time many thinkers of the 1920s and 1930s joined the party, but Dr.

He was not optimistic about the Soviet Union and saw evidence of his element in the August 28 coup and its aftermath. The Soviet Union initially provided false and misleading information about the coup, and after the coup sacrificed the military wing of the Tudeh Party, and the Soviet government demanded the use of railways throughout Iran. Mosaddegh did not give it to the government. . the doctor. From the Islamic point of view, the August 19 uprising was not only a tragedy for Iran, but also told the rebels that the end of their work was a defeat.

the doctor. He was not an Islamic politician, but he had a realistic and clear understanding of politics, emphasizing the importance and impact of politics, especially its place in Iran, and its impact on people’s lives, and this understanding he recognized as a thinker. . How can such a writer be indifferent to politics and at the same time talk and write about politics? To know that political work and to see the work of politicians and politicians is very difficult. Any person who does not have political work and does not belong to any ideology, group or political party and wants to look at political work and know the impact and results of his work, inform the people and especially remember their responsibilities. Who are against the government? The Islamist owned it. Can I summarize who the Islamic doctor is?

the doctor. Islami was a writer, poet and writer who penetrated the souls of his readers with his pen and writings, and perhaps in his soul there was something that reflected the suffering of the people, the Iranian and the Iranian. Iran and for this reason you read his works with interest and enthusiasm. He was introduced to Persian poetry and literature as a child, but he did not go to the Faculty of Arts and studied law. He has a PhD in law and most importantly is not a university volunteer. He taught in some colleges but as a doctor. Fazlullah Reza did not have any official university job until he became President of the University of Tehran and invited him to the University of Tehran. Whatever it was, he believed in what he was doing and in his way. Their job is not to write about Iran and Iranian culture and to show the state of time and actions, but their lives. He did not choose literature as a discipline, but saw Iranian literature and culture from a broader perspective of the culture of the New World and, of course, amplified it and, as mentioned, did a great job in Iranian and world literature and culture. . Dr. Islami left poetry in the middle of his life by writing poetry in his youth because he wanted to narrate prose about the problems of the country and its conditions and what is going on in it. Note that he does not want to be an ordinary poet. The poet admits that his poetry is modest, which requires impartiality, courage and insight. He chose the language of prose, but his prose was similar to that of the narrators, and he wrote The Report of the Days in the style of the novelist. As we now see in his work, the language of his research is no different from the language of literary scholars, nor is it similar to the language of formal research in literature.

Every writer who writes as the subject of a vague necessity has a loss to strive for: “Life does not last, it remains in equilibrium, and jihad destroys that equilibrium.” He wanted to share it with the people and was close to the reporters in this regard. Both are possible, but because of the culture, history and language that the journalist lives as a novelist. The show is not the same as the reports. Those who can do this by prose are less and perhaps even fewer, and Dr. Never tease or praise anyone, never greet anyone again, and always avoid hypocrisy and flattery.

I made reference to his good life and I lived a life full of wisdom, honesty, stability and of course the scientist and the virtuous wife of the doctor. I think it is appropriate to say in the end that their luck lies in the beautiful expression. In introducing his wife, he was with me, a very kind and talented Iranian humanitarian and writer, who knew the rich culture of this country and knew what was inside his soul. Thus people reflect the state of society and the ideas of the people. What they wanted to say was explained in different books and they couldn’t say it. I congratulate him from afar and once again Professor Dr.

* the doctor. Text of the speech of the President of the Iranian Academy of Sciences at the commemoration ceremony

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