The extension of cognitive racism to social racism

But in this situation where Europe is going through a serious crisis, the expression of this point shows the racist attitude of the West towards the East and other parts of the world. If this word came from Sharqi’s mouth, what a fuss the media makes. With this metaphor, he wants to spread this thinking in the social arena as well.

Perhaps this is a projection and they want to say that this happened because of changes in the world, including the cutting of gas in Russia and Europe, due to the attack of the forest on the park, not their fault in advance, and they are not guilty no matter how cruel.!

They have forgotten that if their land is a garden, then this garden is the result of plundering weak and backward countries. The cities which owe their development largely to the countryside, and still owe it to them, consider themselves superior, which they often recognize and take pride in.

It is enough to read their history and know how they lived in the Middle Ages and at that time the eastern countries including China, Iran and Africa were at the level of civilization.

With the so-called industrial revolution and the emergence of colonialism and plunder, all the facilities of the dominant countries were confiscated and the people, especially the backward countries, retreated in favor of Europe and America with murder, imprisonment and exile. With the wrong education, they are gardeners and other forest dwellers. I wish Borel had Jungle Animals in his eyes and thoughts, my forester deserves more than these. It is the poor who support them in vain and throw stones at them, preferring the life of the lower class in those countries to living in their own country.


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