Islamic Research Institutes and the Crisis of Incompetence (Part Three)

In the discourse of Hazrat Ali (pbuh), time is one of the criteria of human personality (Bihar Al-Anwar, vol. 75, p. 80) because in its light we can live together and be together. With society and even with social planning, one can have an effective place, especially for those who are. This is more important than ever in today’s world. Daily and rapid changes force any intelligent person to know the facts, plan and act based on them, basically there is no other need for management.
A person should not deny change nor be afraid of it, and it would not be logical and wise to ignore it. Making a decision based on this is a reasonable solution. This category is very important even in the field of research, along with the two previous categories—problem and process facilitation—unless personal and non-mission-related interests are pursued.
Undoubtedly, the research product presented in Islamic research institutions – such as the Research Institute for Islamic Science and Culture, of which the author is one of the members – must be in accordance with the passion and taste of the audience and, most importantly, the requirements. Whereas, the explanation is that:
a. A wide flow of information from all sides, easy access to requests, easy search for requirements in a simple and understandable language for everyone, as well as free access to what is needed, make people not refer to long texts with literature. The un-modernized traditional approach mixed with a high hamper mentality.
B. Achieving results in less time is the most important requirement of time. The rapid flow of changes has made everyone reach their destination as quickly as possible and people no longer spend their time on unnecessary expenses. Looking for disposable containers for ready meals or fast food shows the same situation for everyone and cannot be recommended. Such a person insists on traditional or outdated methods in the field of study and research.
Based on this, one should think about research products and types of product supply, and at least deviate from the traditional approach. At first, it comes to mind that the virtual space should be the first priority to provide innovations. Another is that products should be submitted in the form of short writings of a maximum of 1,500 words and considered as a short essay if required. The other three pieces will be released as shorts. Fourth: Reflecting the search in artistic forms, and finally publishing a set of articles in the form of a sentence or a paragraph.
It is clear that such genres unite the audience with the researcher and deal with research interests.
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Member of the scientific faculty at the Research Institute of Islamic Sciences and Culture. [email protected]

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