Quality growth and product price reduction with the help of technological methods

The Minister of Industry, Mines and Trade said: The function of knowledge-based societies is to provide better quality products and lower prices, and to provide job opportunities for human resources with graduates and higher education.

According to the correspondent of the Economic Group of the Anna news agency, Seyed Reza Fatemi Amin, Minister of Industry, Mines and Trade, said today in the summit hall on the sidelines of the conference of trade unions based on knowledge, technology and intelligence: There is a human being. The potential in the country with post-graduate education to maintain this potential and use it to form unions for the best use in the knowledge sector.

Minister Samet said: In production in addition to capital and labour, there is a third factor called knowledge, which is in fact cognitive activities and cognitive divisions.

In the knowledge-based discussion, he continued by noting that one should not look for complex tasks: for example, a good job in banks is to act creatively about the supply chain and relevant expertise in the field. from financial sources

Fatmi Amin pointed out: We do not have unions and institutions in the ministry, and in fact we do not make any difference between these two sectors, because we have jobs, some of which are service, some are mining and some are production or distribution. , which also has trade unions.

He added: Accordingly, when we say that business should be knowledge-based, all sectors are considered, and one of the most colorful examples is the trade sector.

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