Nationwide protest and strike by health workers in England and Wales continues

According to the online news agency International Group, thousands of ambulance workers in England and Wales went on strike on Monday to protest their living conditions and better working conditions.

According to the agency, “Agence France Presse”, the British ambulance workers began their strike last December. British nurses also embarked on an unprecedented strike, indicative of widespread discontent in Britain’s National Health Service with government funding.

The strike by British ambulance workers on Monday comes ahead of massive simultaneous strikes planned by trade unions and nurses.

Unison, the UK’s largest trade union, has announced that 15,000 ambulance workers in England will strike along with 5,000 hospital workers in Liverpool. London Ambulance Service has advised people to only call 911 in “life-threatening” situations.

In recent days, angry ambulance workers in England have accused Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s government of “blackmailing” ambulance workers in a bid to pass controversial new laws to suppress strikes.

Paramedics and other members of the union wrote in a letter to the British Prime Minister that they were shocked by some of the statements made by members of Rishi Sunak’s government in recent days, and believed that “the government’s deliberate attack on ambulance workers is the height of shame.”

Last week, as strikes increased in the UK, the government proposed new strike reduction laws that would allow companies to sue unions for future strikes and dismiss workers for their participation in them.

The controversial plan presented in the British Parliament focuses on six main areas: transport, health, education, firefighting, border security and nuclear power (more details).

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