Building “Bayraktar-4 Ghost”; The buzzing drone is not at all original to Turkey

According to the report of the international group of the online news agency, the Turkish media claimed that it is building a new model of the stealth drone “Barjdar”, which according to military analysts, contrary to the claim of the manufacturer, this drone is not entirely domestic, and in the war between Ukraine and Russia-Ukraine , the Russian defense shot down a large number of them.

Yeni Şafak newspaper claimed that the company “Baker”, the manufacturer of this type of UAV, will manufacture a new type of UAV called “TP4 Ghost” which will be invisible to radar. The Bergadir 4’s body is said to be thin and has a low radar cross section, making it anti-radar.

This article claims that the Ghost Flag was produced in Ukraine. Not so long ago, Turkey’s ambassador to Ukraine Vasyl Bodner said that the Turkish company Bikar is currently building a plant in Ukraine. (for more details)

Bayraktar is a medium-altitude combat drone designed to collect information, conduct surveillance, reconnaissance and conduct air strikes. This drone is capable of operating for 27 hours continuously and has an effective range of 150 km. Depending on the mission, the drone can carry up to four bombs or guided missiles.

Meanwhile, the “important” drones Turkey sent to Ukraine were not very successful in this war, so the Ukrainian front is their slaughterhouse. In this regard, the AirLife website, citing Ukrainian pilots, wrote that the use of UAVs in the Russian air defense zone has decreased in the areas of operation.

Contrary to Turkey’s claim, earlier media reported that some parts of this advanced drone were manufactured by the United States, Canada and European countries.

While Turkish defense giant Becker claims to source its famous combat aircraft entirely from Turkey, parts of the drones that have been shot down in multiple disputes show that the drone parts were made by American, Canadian and European manufacturers.

With these discoveries, US lawmakers have asked the Biden administration to investigate how US parts and technology constituted one of the most famous examples of Turkish-made UAVs on world markets.

UAVs donated by the West and Turkey did not achieve much success on the Ukrainian front with Russia, and at the same time, an air show was held in Turkey, many examples of UAVs with Ukrainian engines were presented.

These UAVs with Ukrainian engines were presented at the “Teknovst” exhibition in “Simsun”, Turkey. According to the Commander-in-Chief of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, Valery Zalogny, the UAVs destroyed Russian military equipment in the areas of operation. (for more details)

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