National event The second step is a platform to invest in start-ups

According to the correspondents of the regional group of Anna News Agency, this meeting is the second event of the national meeting of the university and a conference on how to present the selected infrastructures and workshops for the selected Islamic universities of Khorstan, Lorestan, Chaharhal and Bakhtiari and representatives of the Central Islamic Institute, Trustees of Islamic Azad University, Shahram Shahroi, University of Ahvas in Khuzestan, Lorestan, Sharmhal, Bakhtiari and Ilam.

The President of Islamic Azad University and the Ahvaz branch in Khuzestan province said at this meeting: The second phase of the national program of Islamic Azad University is a great opportunity to create an ideal platform for investment in start-ups and technology. The knowledge economy in the country

Seyyed Kamal Seyed Sahbri, head of the laboratories of Islamic Azad University and representative of the Central Institute of Islamic Azad University and Islamic Azad University, revealed the ability to train students and entrepreneurship experts and present the problems of the state and investors. . “All companies and institutions should publicize the capabilities of the Islamic Azad University, and the product will bring many benefits to the university,” Al Hadath said.

He stressed that this program will be a turning point for the university to achieve the goals of transformation and excellence for Islamic Azad University and to “present the university as a base for knowledge production.” Occupation: “Islamic Azad University is a pioneering, innovative and problem-oriented university.

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