“Etiquette of Hajj and permission to honor.”

In the early 1980s, it was the first time I visited the shrines of His Highness in Karbala Maali after the overthrow of the Iraqi dictator Saddam.

Moments full of passion and with a lot of fear accompanied me!
I got lost and lost between the Two Holy Mosques, Hajj and Wuj, which Saru should I visit first? Al-Hussein, the master of martyrs, or his faithful brother and his past, Hazrat Abbas?
I thought that in addition to the usual rituals mentioned in the Hajj books, there must be other kinds of rituals among the Arab pilgrims!
I was thinking that I suddenly came across a green-faced Arab, a tall man with a hanging mustache, a scarf on his head and a cloak on his shoulders!
And the appearance of this man showed that he was the face of a tribe in southern Iraq.
in their own style:
“Hi! Uncle!” I said.
According to the advice and teachings of the Qur’an:

And if you live with salvation, then live with its goodness or with its rains.

Gave me a better answer:
“Peace be upon you, and peace be upon you, and peace be upon you”!
I asked:
paternal uncle!
It’s my first time visiting these two nobles! What is your habit? Which imam should be visited first?
He gave me a meaningful look with his piercing eyes and eagle cheek! Friends also made a fuss! He raised his height further than it already was, and with the indescribable self-confidence of the questioning woman, he gave me an answer:
amazing!! You mean you don’t know? !! it is clear …!
You must visit Imam Hussein (PBUH) first!
I was aiming for the court of the Master of Martyrs (pbuh) to show his affection and rush towards him, suddenly he put his heavy hand firmly on my shoulder and shouted in the same proud voice:
He remembers! However, etiquette requires first obtaining permission to enter the court of Imam Hussein from his brother, Aba Al-Fadl!!
I ate hard…my body shivered…
Tears wet my cheeks…
I was speechless, I unconsciously waved my hand, said goodbye to this pilgrim with the flag of the Iraqi countryside, and immediately went to Hazrat Abbas Ibn Ali (pbuh).
It was a wonderful, memorable and unforgettable moment.
Many years ago, every time I visited Atabat, this memory evoked in my mind and the memories of that knowledgeable Arab man paraded before my eyes and his words echoed in my ears.
Recently, the “Baghdad Research Center” was invited for two or three days to participate and deliver a speech at the international scientific conference “Fatwa of Kafa’i Jihad; Importance, Content and Dimensions” on the occasion of the anniversary of Ayatollah Sistani’s fatwa of Kafa’i Jihad to fight ISIS, I was in Baghdad.
It was the night of the martyrdom of Hazrat Guadalimah (PBUH) who was able to go to Karbala Maali.
After visiting Hazrat Aba Fadl Al-Abbas (PBUH) and obtaining his permission to visit Imam Al-Hussein (PBUH), according to the previous tradition, when I left the Holy Sanctuary, I encountered a scene that I immediately recorded with my mobile phone.

And so, remembering this memory again, I went back and sat in the corner of the shrine and wrote it to myself!
Yes! Honoring the visit of Abu Abdullah Al-Hussein (PBUH) has customs and traditions, and it is from the point of view of his Arab lovers and pilgrims, the “permission” of his brother Abbas is their main sign …!

I became a pilgrim this time, the pilgrimage to Karbala
Tonight I will play the flute
I became a fountain, I will make you a fountain
Until the morning, Mai, I will always strike your love …

Peace be upon you, servants of God, and upon the souls who died with your death. Peace be upon you. Peace be upon you. Peace be upon you (forever). To God is the end of my covenant with you. ..

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