Farhad Majidi’s reasons for breaking up

“It’s a job. Farhad Majidi and Esteghlal helped each other improve, and now the young Iranian football coach intends to take a different step to become an international figure.

Informants are written and cited “The Three Sports”, which was feared by independence supporters in the end. Farhad Majidi, the young and successful coach of the Blues, said goodbye to the unforgettable records of the Esteghlal fans after a great season and a great tournament, and left for the Emirates to follow the challenges of his coaching career.

Farhad Majidi finally took this opportunity last season and started his career at Al-Istiqlal Club with the start of the season with his own flair, and as a result of this careful planning, he became the most authentic champion in the history of the Premier League. A group of Esteghlal fans are certainly upset with Farhad Majidi and feel that he has left the club in good shape. The Emirati challenge is certainly difficult for this young coach, but the character of “Farhad Majidi” convinced him to accept this offer.

No matter how much the coach or player talks about the club and love of color and clothing, there is no doubt that personal motivation and desire for personal development are more important to all human beings. In Iranian football, after the revolution, the coach did not have the opportunity to work abroad, and despite rumors about Amir Ghaleh Noni, Yahya Gul Mohammadi or Ali Daei, this never happened.

Everyone in football in any situation is always watching their personal development and it is actually the next step. Join a favorite country or national team or emigrate abroad. Perhaps at the moment, even with the show, Farhad Majidi is not enough to be on the bench in the national team, which is why he chose to participate in the UAE League to continue challenging his coaching career.

Ittihad Kalba (now a potential destination for the former Estiqlal coach) reached an agreement with Branko a year ago, but failed. The presence of international coaches, good players in the UAE league, extraordinary facilities and of course a lot of peace convinced Farhad Majidi to seize this opportunity and follow the path of success in training.

So far, he did not even think that a potential rival to Farhad Majidi on the bench in the national team (for example, as one of the final goals) and his success in the United Arab Emirates are well positioned to keep. Site. There is potential to appear on the bench for other big Emirati football teams, and in fact, Farhad Majidi will become the leader of the Asian training market if he succeeds.

This is a personal interest that is present in the nature of all people, even if it is revived. Farhad Majidi and Esteghlal helped each other improve and now the young Iranian football coach plans to take a different step to become an international figure.

Of course, ardent Istiklal fans did not accept this sudden decision and could be upset with the young and popular coach of his team. But this answer will not last long, and Farhad Majidi has the right to go the way he wants.

But the challenge of staying independent can help them progress. However, this was definitely his first chance to win the next season, and even the blue fans wished Farhad Majidi success in Asia. The correctness or incorrectness of this decision will only be determined over time. Even successful Iranian football coaches, Broncos or Stramasciones, have had tough days in the Persian Gulf states, and sometimes such fanaticism can soon overtake Farhad Majidi.

Farhad Majidi surprised everyone and made a different decision about his future. This charming and charismatic superstar has surprised everyone with his surprising decisions over the past three decades, and now he has chosen Emirati football for the next step. Obviously the next few months will be a good time to judge the correctness of the decision of the successful and popular coach of the Esteghlal team, but there is no doubt that Farhad Majidi will be one of the brightest days of training and a great footballer. . his mind. “

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