What is bad flatbed printing or UV printing and what are its uses?

Usually, when you hear the name of environmental printing and advertising, the first thing that comes to your mind is banner printing, poster printing, catalogs, etc. But over the past few years, the field of printing and printed products has changed so much that it has gone beyond printing on all kinds of paper and fabrics; Bad printing is a new generation of the digital printing industry family, which has brought a great change in the world of the printing industry with its birth.

The main difference between this type of printing and the previous generation is the gap between the boundaries of printed products and the wide development of their range. In the past, the printing industry was only known for paper and cardboard, but with the introduction of bad printing, printing on surfaces and objects is no longer a dream! If you are interested in the topic of printing on objects, we suggest that you do not miss the following article.

Introduction of bad flatbed printing or UV printing

Flatbed Print is an English word that means printing on the surface of flat objects. Flat bad printing is also called UV printing. A bad flatbed printing machine has a flat and wide table. The desired object is placed on the surface of this table and printed on it; Bearing in mind that the desired object must have a smooth and uniform surface. That is, this method is not applicable to spherical and round objects. Bad flat printing technology is UV type. These printers typically use inks that are made from acrylic monomers.

The printing process is such that the printing material is first placed on the surface of the machine table and fixed, in order to prevent any possible movement. Then its surface is thoroughly cleaned of dust. In the next step, the ink is sprayed onto the surface of the object, and at the same time it is exposed to strong ultraviolet light and polymerizes. With UV rays, the design is printed on the surface of the object for a long time with the best quality. This process makes it possible to print a wide variety of materials such as wood, tiles, glass, etc. The foul print can be completely adjusted in length, width and height of objects and it is possible to print on different surfaces with variable thicknesses.

Bad flatbed printing or UV printing features

Bad flatbed printing is only done on things that have a perfectly smooth and flat surface, such as: wood, tiles, ceramics, bodywork, license plates, plexiglass, metal, various shapes, and even phone cases!

This type of printing cannot be applied to round or curved objects such as glass or spheres, or similar concave and convex surfaces. Because the ink slides on the surface of the spherical body before printing. The other bad thing about flatbed printing is the surface color required for printing. Bad felt printing is mainly 4 colors, any design can be printed by it, but the surface color of the object must be white or light. In cases where the surface of the object is not white, a layer of white as a fifth color is first printed on the surface of the object and inside the design frame, and then the original design is printed to preserve the beauty and quality of its colors. This will increase the accuracy of the printed design.

There is another type of bad flat print, which is called varnish. Varnish is tough on durability and longevity! Because the varnished print will be completely waterproof and scratch resistant. Sabhan Typing Center is one of the best and most reliable centers for providing this type of printing in Tehran. Poster printing, 5m wide banner printing, indoor and outdoor printing, offset printing services and exhibitions are other services of this group.

Bad printing applications in printing objects

Bad printing has very wide applications. In fact, as long as the surface of the required object is smooth and even, it means that it is possible to print a bad flat. This is precisely the reason for its widespread use. In this section of the article, in order for you to get to know the uses of this type of printing more accurately, we introduce you to the most popular UV printing products:

  1. Printing on natural wood, MDF wood, wooden chassis, wood fibers and PVC fibers
  2. Print on ready made canvas and canvas
  3. Printing on virtual ceiling tiles
  4. Printing on all kinds of glazed and matte ceramic tiles
  5. Printing on all kinds of large and small decorative mirrors
  6. Printing on clear and colored glass
  7. Printing on stone statues, statues and paintings
  8. Printing on all kinds of metal sheets
  9. Print on clear, white and tinted glass surface of any thickness
  10. Printing on parquet, flooring and laminate
  11. Printing on aluminum composite sheets
  12. Printing on polycarbonate sheets and cards for industrial devices
  13. Printing on multi-pattern papers
  14. Printing on synthetic leather and natural leather products
  15. Print advertisements on CDs and DVDs
  16. Print on flash memory, hard disk and advertising power bank
  17. Print pictures on wooden and plastic puzzles
  18. Printing on all types of smooth surfaces according to the customer’s taste and needs

Most popular UV printing products

Each object-printed product has its own audience and customers, and is used in different industries and arts. But the most common and most popular of these services are:

  1. Print beautiful pictures or designs on ready-made canvas or so-called canvas
  2. Print family photos or private photos on a wooden chassis or a board chassis
  3. Print beautiful traditional and modern designs on all types of handmade or industrial tiles and ceramics
  4. Mobile phone frame printing
  5. Multi-pattern metal plate printing
  6. Print brand logos or advertisements on flash drives, power banks and even portable external hard drives

If you intend to use these services, we recommend This center has a great history of providing services of flatbed printing, UV printing, UV roll printing, wallpaper printing, flex printing, banner printing, etc. The main office of this printing house is located in Tajrish Square, its second branch is in Hall 37 of the Tehran International Fair and the third branch is in Tehran Pars, and they send orders to all parts of the country every day.

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