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At least six players from the final list of the Iranian national team for the World Cup in Russia will not be allowed to participate in Qatar.

According to the news magazine citizen He wrote: While the Iranian team is preparing to participate in the Qatar World Cup 2022, unexpectedly, the head coach of the previous period, Carlos Queiroz, will witness on the bench, who will have to announce the final list of the national team. This competition. Soon, but if it is to be compared to 2018, at least 6 people will be announced from the final list for the previous World Cup, and now we are sure that the members will not have the opportunity to be in Qatar. Checking their names and conditions is not without grace

Rashid Majri

He was one of the three goalkeepers in the final list of the 2018 World Cup for the Iranian national team, which was better in those days than now. Rashid has completely declined during these years and after two unsuccessful and controversial appearances in Tractor Sazi and Esteghlal, these days Payam’s seat is needed in Sepahan. Naturally, Mazaheri does not have a chance in the national team under these circumstances. It has been a long time since there has been a call to any camp.

Muhammad Reza Khanzadeh

Undoubtedly, the strange and highly controversial choice of who will be on the bench in the Iranian national team must be taken into account. Khanzadeh was included in the final list of the national team in the 2014 and 2018 World Cups, but he was not present in this match. Whenever there is a debate about a controversial election, Khanzadeh can’t help but mention it. But who prevented Khanzadeh from returning to the national team.

Bezeman mentality

Few would know that the 39-year-old defender has not yet retired and is playing in the Qatar League. Montazeri has been one of the best defenders of Iranian football in the past two decades, and has had an impressive presence in Esteghlal and the national team for many years. He was in the national team until 2019. But he missed the chance to play in the 2018 World Cup due to his strange habit of not using the toilet on time. With Carlos Queiroz gone, Dr. Montazeri will no longer be invited to the national team.

Masoud Shaei

After participating in three World Cup finals, Masoud Shuzai now has to forget about his poker dream. He was one of Carlos Queiroz’s favorite players, but even after the departure of the coach, he was invited to the national team by Marc Wilmots. Massoud’s tenure in the Iranian main team ended when his disastrous mistake and unnecessary dismissal against Iraq paved the way for the national team’s defeat. This loss nearly incurred the national team an early elimination from the entire tournament. Naturally, some people are against the removal of Shojai these days.

to Ashkan Deja

He began his time in the Iranian national team with the presence of Queiroz. Despite his presence in the German national teams, Ashkan Dejaj responded positively to the invitation of the Iranian national team in the senior category. He played his first match with the national team on March 17, 2017 against Qatar and managed to score a double. Dzaga was in the Iranian national team until the 2019 AFC Asian Cup and had an impressive and effective track record. Besides Kee Roach, he didn’t invite Ashkan, the next coach, and of course he resented this at first. However, he later reached the end point and now the famous Fula player has no chance of joining the national team.

Reza Gochenjad

How did he open his feet to the Iranian national team, like Dzaga? Gossi faced a similar offer under Afshin Qotbi, but the presence of the Portuguese coach convinced Reza to join the Iranian national team. Carlos’s angel has been a lifesaver and has saved the coach several times with crucial goals. Undoubtedly, the most important goal of Jochangad’s career was against South Korea in the 2014 World Cup qualifiers. Without this goal, Key Roche’s stay in Iran would have been much shorter. Gucci remained in the national team until the 2018 World Cup, and since he did not play in this tournament, he retired by declaring his protest.

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