Report against Detectives Queiroz

In the 2014 World Cup preliminary matches, reports came from some organizations to the Ministry of Sports and the Football Association that the results of the Iran-Qatar match were announced as such.

According to informants quoted by Third exerciseIn one of his recent speeches, the coach of the Iranian national team told the old story in his previous criticism. A day before the important match for the national team, the minister said that he sold the results of the match to the players.

With the publication of this portion of Key Roach’s speech, ears rang out and speculation began that Key Roach’s relationship with at least two other sports ministers was very strained. The first name was Masoud Soltanifar, the former Sports Minister, and then Mahmoud Chauderji, the first Sports Minister in Hassan Rouhani’s government.

But the truth is that the story of these two ministers does not go back. An hour ago, we asked Ali Kafashian, the former president of the Football Association, about this issue. He strongly believes that this is related to his presidency of the Football Association and the first period of cooperation between Ki Roche and this former Iranian football chief. Kafashian confirmed this incident, saying: Of course, it was never the case that the minister said this to the players, and this is not true, but such an incident occurred.

Kafashian continues: In the 2014 World Cup preliminaries, after Mehdi Rahmati withdrew from the Iranian national team, various rumors circulated about his return to the national team, and finally Mr. Kirosh Rahman Ahmadi was chosen as the starting goalkeeper. Mielle put her in the guard. Given that Rahmati was considered the most prominent goalkeeper at the time, he was chosen, and reports from some organizations reached the Ministry of Sports and the Football Association and the so-called Iranian-Qatari game was circulated.

We were told about this, but I never told Queiroz because I didn’t think this news was true, and I had believed the coach of the national team, but Mr. Wazir told him about it in a conversation, says Kavachian. With Jawad Nekounam.. (Of course this is the order of the minister himself (it is not known whether he passed this analysis or news to Nekounam).

The minister Kafashian talking about, Mohammad Abbasi was Minister of Sports under Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, during which Iran was promoted to the 2014 World Cup. This was the first time that Iran qualified for the World Cup, and after winning three victories over Qatar, Lebanon and South Korea, it became the first Team from Carlos Queiroz Group.

Kavachian says: Spreading this rumor created a strange pressure on us; In addition, Qatar put in a good performance in that match and had a chance to beat us, but in the end, the Iranian team made minimal use of their time and stepped into the world. Cup in the best way with three wins.

Since then, Iran has advanced to the World Cup in two consecutive terms. Once with Carlos Queiroz and once with Dragan Skocic The interesting thing is that Carlos Queiroz is now back in Iranian football to set a new record by sitting on the bench for the same team in the World Cup for the third time in a row.

It is noteworthy that these terms were used in Iranian football and that some people follow such rumors and issues.

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