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Free ticket to Tehran Municipal Museum House in Nowruz

The head of the Tehran municipality’s tourist headquarters announced the activities of all museums of this city in Narouj.

According to the informants, “It was emphasized in this meeting that all museums are open to the public during the 13th,” Mehrshad Kazemi, addressing a meeting with the Institute of Cultural Heritage before the start of the new year to review the reopening of Tehran’s museums, said. Nowruz holidays.

The head of the Tourism Headquarters in Tehran Municipality added: “The Sacred Defense Museum has monitored health protocols during the Corona outbreak and was generally inactive during the peak of Corona, but it will be opened to tourists, Nowruz travelers and citizens.” Unhappy holiday.” B. Reza Abbasi Museums, Farsh, Iran Bustan, Darabad… Active.

According to Kazemi; There are 64 museums affiliated with Tehran Municipality, and all of them are active.

In response to a question about whether museum tickets will rise on Naruj days or not, he explained: According to the decree of the Islamic Council of Tehran, the prices for visiting museums will rise from the beginning of May and visitors can even get a museum ticket. early 1400’s to prepare; The price at 1401 must be set by the policy board.

The head of the Tehran Municipality Tourism Office, the mayor of Tehran, confirmed that many museums under the supervision of the Tehran municipality (64 museums) are available to the public for free, noting that the Tehran Municipality Museum provides free services to citizens during the days of Naruj.

According to the city’s website, Kazemi finally reminded: In addition, the Simon, Jalal and Third Brothers Museum is free during the 13 days of Nowruz.

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