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How much currency can each traveler buy?

According to the latest currency rules and regulations published by the Central Bank, all travelers over the age of 18 can obtain travel currency from five banks in the country under certain conditions.

According to the informants, according to the updated rules and regulations of the Central Bank in the field of foreign exchange, all people can obtain the non-commercial or service currency they need through the Nakhada system or the Iranian currency service management system, which cycle must be done with one of the mentioned 38 identical items .

Travel currency is one of the cases of foreign exchange expenses announced in the new laws, according to which travel currency can be supplied and paid in the form of banknotes once a year through the National Banks of Iran, Melat, Samman, Tejara and Parsian. Also, for air travelers, the currency of travel in banknotes for countries with a visa is set at 500 euros and for countries without a visa, it is set at 300 euros or the equivalent in other currencies.

On the other hand, it is not possible to provide and pay travel currency for travelers under the age of 18, and the documents required to receive this currency from banks provided by travelers are a valid passport with a validity of at least six months, a one-way or round-trip ticket.

In the meantime, these documents will be kept in the records to supervise the bank inspectors.

In this context, banks are required to issue an accounting document/receipt after receiving the equivalent of the relevant riyal instead of paying the applicant’s currency, which includes the amount, applicant’s name, surname, national code, contact number, passport number, address and other relevant information is included.

Also, this document must be submitted online and signed by the requested branch and delivered to the applicant. Also, the agent bank branch located at the exit points will pay the relevant travel currency past the passport control counter against the said receipt accounting document.

And in other provisions of the new travel currency laws, it is stated that the supply and payment of travel currency for Iranians residing abroad is not permitted, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will be asked about the cases of Iranians residing abroad. On the other hand, if other means of payment can be used (card, money transfer, etc.), doing so is permitted and confirmed by that bank.

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