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Criticisms of the famous romantic novel Kanaar Nargesaha Jamandei

⛔️ The name of the novel: Next to the Daffodils, Medi Falah left you, a quiet family story (Cousin’s Daughter and Cousin).

It’s basically a romance novel, but not in the way that a boy and a girl go hand in hand from day one and go to the charity shop. It’s a different love story that never ends, in this one, a girl first love story is possible 🤤 Of course you don’t go to tell or suggest and… Only Love ⛔️ The story of Yalda, a doctor who fell in love with her cousin since she was a child at the age of 10-12 years and now tells her love from the beginning.

There is no reflux. He tells his memories in such a beautiful way that you don’t even notice that flashbacks are made and you think the story is about his teenage years. She has a beautiful and gentle love. Farbod, Yalda’s cousin, doesn’t care much for her…

She is mischievous and admires her teenage years and how upset and broken Yalda is… Now Farbod is engaged, Yalda, seeing that Farbod does not care for her, tries to avoid him so as not to upset her further, but she is deeply and truly in love. When Farbad gets involved, she quarrels more with her heart, but it doesn’t work because her love is true… Finally, during some events, Yalda is forced to go and borrow money from her cousin who has been avoiding her for a long time. And this is the beginning of their story… ▫️ Yalda’s character: Doctor, polite, logical, calm, generous, in love (Of all the novels, whether it’s a girl or a boy, I think this Yalda was the most loving or at least her love was more real. Her words are fictional And far from reality. By his logic, he is in love. Very beautiful in love 🙃) Firm but passionate. Farbad character:

I can’t explain much about him, you’ll have to read and get to know him yourself, but he’s not one of those annoying boys who are wild and jealous, or super supportive and adorable, etc. He’s an ordinary, ordinary boy who matches your heart. Very, very close to the real personalities of the boys. The good thing about this novel is that unlike most novels, there is no otherworldly love, fiery and irrational. The girl who, like most of us, feels in our early teens, she fell in love and really fell in love. Farbad is an ordinary boy and very routine. They have neither unique beauty nor great wealth. It’s almost all proportioned. The last third of the novel goes into the romance and the kisses and the hugs and….you guys, I don’t know at all.

How can I describe it more than this really, I can only say that you must read it.

Very pleasant

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