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Farewell party of Ahmad Reza Ahmadi

Funeral services for Ahmad Reza Ahmadi will be held on Thursday.

According to an informer’s report, Ahmad Reza Ahmadi’s family wrote in an announcement: “Thursday 9 am, July 22, 1402, in front of the Intellectual Development Center for Children and Adolescents (according to the poet’s wish), we will embrace Ahmad Reza Ahmadi. We will remember all the years he spent with poetry and sound. His words were the companion of our moments We will be his companion and beside him.”

Ahmad Reza Ahmadi, poet and writer, born on 30 Shahrivar 1319 in Kerman, who had heart problems for many years and was hospitalized several times, died on July 20 at the age of 83.

This poet, who was supported by Forough Farrokhzad at the beginning of his entry into the world of poetry, was the initiator of the new wave style in the 1940s and had important activities in the field of children’s literature. Ahmadi has also turned to painting in recent years.

Among his works in the field of poetry are “The Last Notebooks”, “The Old Age Notebooks”, “A Thousand Acacias Were Nothing in Your Eyes” and “I’ll Tell You One Day” and among his works in the field of children are “Another in the House of a Boy with Seven Chairs”. She mentioned “Body,” “The Lonely Fish Girl,” and “Sunflower Ranch.”

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