Gas consumption is still on the rise

The dispatch director of the National Iranian Gas Company said: In the past 24 hours (January 25), despite the holiday on Friday, 766 million cubic meters of natural gas has been consumed in the country and citizens should be on the agenda for gas optimization. Use in these cold days

Referring to the volume of natural gas consumption in the country, Muhammad Reda Al-Julaie said: During the past 24 hours, natural gas consumption in domestic, commercial and non-nuclear industries amounted to 592 million cubic meters. Industries 90 million cubic meters and power plants 84 million cubic meters.

He explained that the amount of gas consumed in the domestic sector increased by more than 20 million cubic meters compared to the same period last year, explaining that all gas has been diverted, including the consumption of various sectors, fuel stations and export to national roads. . , 848 million cubic meters. In this regard, it is necessary for all people to cooperate in optimizing gas consumption.

According to this report, Musallam Rahmani, Director of Coordination of Gas Supply Affairs at the National Gas Company, announced today the start of implementing the plan to monitor gas consumption for executive bodies and government and public places in the country. In compliance with the energy management goal and consumption pattern, the gas flow was cut off to 1,442 institutions and organizations after government and public warnings.

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