Iranian envoy meets Putin’s aide to develop trade

During the meeting of the heads of the Iranian Trade Development Organization and the Russian president’s aides, it was stressed the expansion of trade and economic relations between the two countries.

According to the informants, Alireza Peymanbak met with Russian Vice President Kobyakov. At a meeting on the eve of the 25th Saint Petersburg International Economic Forum, the two sides stressed the need to expand trade relations between their countries.

In this meeting, issues such as cars, shipping, shipbuilding, activation of the North-South corridor, banking cooperation, foreign exchange and joint production of the mother industries in the two countries were discussed.

Peyman Pak affirmed Iran’s readiness to conclude long-term contracts in the field of fruits and vegetables in cooperation with the Iranian-Russian Chamber of Commerce to stabilize and expand exports.

Kobyakov welcomed the proposal of the head of the Trade Development Organization to hold joint exhibitions between Iranian and Russian companies, and said: “The Russian auto industry is ready to cooperate with Iran and become our trading partner in the Iranian market.” Western Wall Street Journal companies have left the $100 billion market.

According to the Trade Development Organization, on the sidelines of the 25th Saint Petersburg International Economic Forum, an agreement was reached between Iran and Russia with the Saint Petersburg and Tehran centers entitled “Nova Pars”. Intervention by Alireza Peyman Pak (Chairman of the Trade and Development Committee of the Islamic Republic of Iran) (Chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee of the Government of St. Petersburg)

With the creation of this center, the development of Iranian-Russian trade in the areas of supply of oil and gas equipment, products of transport engineering, machinery, shipbuilding, electronic equipment, design and construction of power facilities and equipment repair was further developed. Base, agriculture, food industry, pharmacy, and construction on the agenda.

Strengthening trade and economic cooperation and investment in the main and priority industries between Iranian and Russian companies, companies and producers, effective support and assistance in establishing direct trade relations between Russian and Iranian businessmen, and the creation of appropriate mechanisms to facilitate financial relations between companies. In the geography of the two sides, the launch of Internet portals that present Iran’s trade potential to Russia, and in turn seek to facilitate the transfer of goods between the two countries, to create an international transport corridor between the north and south. And create all the necessary infrastructure. This center includes the presence of Iranian and Russian banks and insurance companies, and the establishment of a display unit to display the achievements of the parties in the corresponding country, as well as the establishment of cultural centers within the parties. Objectives of establishing an Iranian-Russian business center.

At the ceremony, the head of the Development and Trade Organization of the Islamic Republic of Iran described the establishment of this center as a new chapter in cooperation between Iranian and Russian companies and emphasized support for its programs.

Biman Bak described the implementation of the collective visa exemption memorandum previously signed between the two countries as a means of developing tourism between the two countries.

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