How to improve employee productivity by choosing the right office furniture?

How is choosing office furniture effective in increasing productivity?

We spend about a third of our time working, which is why this is so important Suitable office furniture Choose for your employees to be comfortable during the workday. Dull workspaces can negatively affect employee productivity. And therefore The importance of choosing the right office furniture Too high for the company.

It’s also been said that employees who control the design and layout of their workspace are not only happier and healthier, but also more productive. This indicates that the more flexible the office is, the better for employee productivity. In this article, how Selection office furniture We will study its use to influence and improve productivity in the office.

Choose comfortable furniture for the office

Lack of productivity increases costs, wastes time, and reduces potential profits. Something no business would want, and one of the ways it will definitely improve productivity Choose comfortable office furniture It is for office space. Comfortable seating prevents people from being distracted during the workday. An angry employee constantly stops work to readjust, and this can disrupt and delay his or her work progress. Ergonomic chairs are one of the best options to ensure the comfort and happiness of employees at work.

So, what counts as an ergonomic chair? The ergonomic office chair differs from the traditional office chair in terms of flexibility and body support. The ergonomic design of the chair takes into account the height and body shape of the user, and for this reason, it can offer adjustments to different heights and angles so that they work comfortably.

They also prevent back, neck and shoulder problems that can result from poor posture in uncomfortable chairs that slow employees down and sometimes require them to take time off from work. This of course affects productivity in the office, which is why ergonomic chairs are perfect for solving this problem.

Some of the comfortable chairs we recommend at Rama Office Furniture include:

  • 1001 chair series: Made of cold-injected foam so that the chair provides unique comfort to the user.
  • 108 chair series: It has a unique backing designed for optimal support. The back of this chair is made of lace.

Height adjustable desks for your office

An alternative to having adjustable chairs is to have height-adjustable tables. It is a great way for employees to find the best level of comfort while working, and also helps improve their posture. There are health benefits to having height-adjustable desks in the office, including reduced risk of obesity, lower blood sugar levels, improved mood and energy levels, reduced risk of heart disease, and of course, reduced back pain.

Think about choosing color in the office

Did you know that different colors can have psychological or emotional effects on people? For this reason, you should think carefully about the colors you choose to decorate the desks and furniture inside.

Colors can have a profound effect on productivity just by encouraging positive emotions in employees. For example:

  • Natural colors such as green and blue can improve efficiency and focus.
  • Warmer colors like yellow can bring optimism, creativity, and energy.
  • Vibrant colors like red add intensity to the decor and can spark enthusiasm and promote physical activity.

Blue in the office can have a very calming effect on employees and help them focus. It is said that blue is a great choice for an office where activities require focus. While according to some studies, white is the worst color to use in an office because white walls create a sterile or clinical feeling. Research has shown that white can hinder productivity and create a feeling of coldness and isolation, so it is best to use it only as an accent color.

Introducing more colors can inject life into the work environment and has a great impact on the psyche of the office, so it is a great way to reduce stress and increase productivity.

Use natural light and green spaces to increase productivity

Workplace productivity is not only influenced by the chosen office furniture, but also depends on where it is placed. Researchers said a lack of natural light can have a negative impact on people, especially workers trying to concentrate in an office environment. For example, workers in office environments with optimal natural lighting were said to report 84% fewer symptoms of eyestrain, headaches, and blurred vision that often occur after prolonged computer use.

As humans, we spend 80 to 90 percent of our time indoors, which makes it more important than ever to ensure adequate natural light is available to everyone in busy office environments. Lack of natural light can affect a person’s ability to work, which means they will be less productive during the day. If natural light enters the office, try to place desks and chairs near sources of natural light as this will help employees maintain a good level of productivity.

Another solution to improve productivity is to have flowers and plants in the office. It’s a surprisingly cheap and easy way to improve productivity. A research group compared the productivity of two groups of workers, where one group had flowers and plants in the office while the other group did not. The group that worked with plants was 12% more productive than the other group. Plants can also improve air quality and can reduce stress levels caused by spending too much time indoors.

Improve productivity with Rama office furniture

in Rama office furnitureWe have a wide range of office furniture solutions that can be used to improve productivity in any workplace. Includes a soft, comfortable seat and more.

Sources: Rama Office Furniture

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