Decisive action against sedition and security saboteurs in West Azerbaijan – online news agency Iran and World News

According to the online news agency, Nasser Al-Attabi said at the meeting of the Regional Judicial Council for the Prevention of Crime: “The common treason that we are witnessing in the country today is the strategy of the enemy that has targeted a strong, independent and powerful Iran. It is the hope of the oppressed. “It does not reflect the world and some emotional behavior led to many of fraud in the country and county.

He said: With the efforts of the operational forces, especially the police force, and above all with the enthusiastic presence of the enthusiastic, insightful and knowledgeable people of the country, this sedition was eliminated in its bud and the evil enemy dealt a crushing blow. .

The head of the West Azerbaijan Judicial Council said: “Deal seriously with those who enter the wave of the enemy, obstruct the security of the people of the province, provoke, destroy public property and people’s property and attack people’s lives.” The forces will be decisive and constraining.

Appreciating the fair and legal treatment of violators by the police forces, Abati said: Now the security of the governorate is safe and I thank all the dear ones.

In honor of the memory of the oppressed martyrs in the shrine of Hazrat Ahmad bin Musa (peace be upon him), he said: This cowardly killing demonstrates the injustice of our Islamic country, and at the same time shows the weakness and incompetence of the incompetent enemy. To confront the military, civilians and people on the paths of prayer and pilgrimage, he attacks ordinary people and makes them martyrs.

The Chief Justice of West Azerbaijan expressed his condolences for this tragic incident and said: We will take strong revenge on the perpetrators of this heinous crime.

He said: Theft is a crime that requires continuous preventive measures, both of them need to take proper care of their property, and the police must give priority to prevention in their preventive programs, especially departments such as the electricity company must be diligent. Be careful to protect their belongings from any infringement and clutter.

Atabati stated that this province is the 31st province in terms of theft crimes and this means that theft in West Azerbaijan is at a very low level compared to other provinces, which is promising, but it should not be enough and prevention factors should always be taken into account. ..revitalizing and strengthening.

Pointing out that there are factors involved in the occurrence of thefts, he said: At the present time, there is a need to monitor the lack of parking spaces in many buildings and apartments, which inevitably leads to cars stopping in alleys and streets. It is a good chance to commit a crime, and the crime of thieves is given to them. Therefore, it is necessary for the esteemed municipality to have serious supervision over the construction of the inner city.

Atbati added: Every opportunity to commit a crime must be taken away from criminals and the cost of committing a crime must be increased so that they do not easily commit a crime, and this requires cooperation and coordination of all institutions, organizations and supervisors. People. Take care of your property.

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