Iran’s trade with Eurasia is $5.6 billion

Last year, more than 13 million tons of goods worth $5.6 billion were exchanged between members of the Iran-Eurasia Customs Economic Union, which grew by 66% in value and 51% in weight.

According to informants, Saeed Rohullah Latifi, a spokesman for Iran’s customs, described Iran’s interaction with Eurasia.

According to this report, out of a total of 13 million 127 thousand 45 tons of goods worth 5 billion 634 million 48 thousand 11 dollars exchanged between the five member states of Iran and the Eurasian Union, 2 million 770 thousand 155 tons are Iranian goods. The value of exports amounted to one billion and 170 million and 581 thousand and 531 dollars, an increase of 3.5% in weight and 12% in value compared to the same period.

Russia ranks first in Iran’s exports to Eurasia with an 8% increase in weight and a 15% increase in its purchases of 1,141,935 tons of goods worth $583,658,306.

Armenia with 1,582,784 tons valued at $302,343,309 with 15% weight loss and half value decrease, followed by 54% weight loss in Kazakhstan and 13% increase in value. 517,628 tons of goods worth 188,866,203 dollars were purchased from Iran, which is the third Eurasia site for Iranian goods.

Kyrgyzstan comes in fourth place with 78,900,172 tons, worth 45,873 tons, with a growth of 56% and 72% in terms of weight and value, and Belarus with 11,934 tons, equal to 16,813,000 tons, followed by 541 dollars. The destination of Iranian goods to Eurasia in 1400.

According to the customs spokesman on Iran’s imports from Eurasia in 1400, Iran’s imports from the members of the Eurasian Economic and Customs Union amounted to 10 million 356 thousand and 890 tons, worth 4 million and 472 million and 466 thousand 480 dollars, and increased in value by 790%.

Russia sold 8,81,021,151 tons of goods worth $4,055,854,209, accounting for 88% by weight and 91% of the value of imports from Eurasia during the same period, which was 74% and its weight increased by 92%. In terms of value, most of these commodities are animal oils and streams.

In terms of imports from other Eurasian countries, Kazakhstan is the second largest source of Iranian purchases from Eurasia with a growth of 67% in weight and 88% in value and amounted to 379 million 271 thousand 48 dollars.

Belarus is the third largest exporter of our goods in the Eurasian Union with 9,280 tons of cargo valued at $286,055,553 and weight loss and a value of 28.8 percent. The value of the goods amounted to 475 tons at a value of 9 million, 71 thousand and 825 dollars, it decreased in terms of weight by 29% and the value of imports increased by 24%.

Kyrgyzstan is the fifth largest exporter of goods sold to Iran in the union, reaching 935 tons worth $1,663,845, down 57% and 35% by weight and value, respectively.

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