Implementation of an increase and the issuance of new orders for other levels of pensioners from September

New applications for other categories of Social Security retirees will be increased and delivered in September.

According to whistleblower reports and quoting from the Public Relations of the Social Security Corporation, The managing director of this organization, d. Agreement to amend and increase the pensions of pensioners of other social groups. Social Security Corporation Based on Article 96 of the Social Security Law, the salary payment process, bearing in mind that the calculations are made from the 20th of each month and in the form of a central system for retirees. Therefore, in coordination with the centers, the application of the new method of payment and financing. We need time, hope to make new orders in September.

According to this report, Dr. Mousavi: With the strict and special order of the President of the Republic to amend the decision of the Council of Government and the amendments of the First Deputy of the Government and the Head of the Department of Cooperatives and Social Work on the basis of Article 96 of the Social Security Law and the decision on the way to provide better services and address the concerns of respected retirees. Thank and appreciate.

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