4 thousand billion counterfeiting the promise of importing cars

Informants / Mazandaran The police chief of Mazandaran announced the arrest of a fugitive accused of defrauding citizens of 4 thousand billion riyals by promising to import cars.

According to the police news website, Sardar “Hassan Makhmi Shahrashtani” announced the details of this news and said: After a judicial report was issued that a person defrauded citizens by promising to import, buy and sell cars, immediately after the order was issued in particular. Police work was put on consciously.

He added: The agents of Sari Intelligence Base, by carrying out intelligence procedures and special investigations for the police, identified the accused, who was one of the escaped prisoners wanted by the judicial authorities and law enforcement authorities, and arrested him in a sudden operation in his location. hiding place.

The Mazandaran police chief stated that the investigations conducted in this case revealed that the accused had defrauded the plaintiffs of an amount of 4 thousand billion riyals, and explained that the accused in the technical interrogations of the police for his crime of defrauding citizens and promised to import them. Buying and selling cars.

Sardar Makhmi reported that a case had been filed against the accused and handed over to the judicial authority and advised the citizens: To prevent fraud in exhibitions that have a license to operate from the relevant union. buy and sell cars.

He emphasized: When buying a car, as much as possible, contact the owner of the car to carry out the transfer. Because if the seller is prevented from trading, the power of attorney given by him is not valid.

3 feet due to alcohol consumption in Tonkabun

The Cultural and Social Deputy of the Mazandaran Police Command announced the death of 3 young men due to alcohol poisoning in the city of Tankabun.

Explaining this news, Colonel Syed Jaafar Al-Sadati said: After receiving news from the Police Emergency Center 110 about the suspicious death of three young men between the ages of 25 and 30 from Alborz Governorate in Tankabun, the officers of the patrol unit of Dou immediately. – Hazard Police Station and the city police went to the scene and were dispatched to the scene.

4 thousand billion counterfeiting the promise of importing cars

The cultural and social deputy of the Mazandaran Police Command said: According to preliminary forensic investigations, the cause of death was poisoning caused by consuming alcoholic beverages.

He pointed out that these people had traveled to this city for entertainment and sightseeing, and added: The exact cause of this accident is under investigation.

Colonel Sadati advised the citizens. While observing police warnings and taking care of your children, if you see any suspicious case and deal with it, immediately report it to the Police Emergency Center 110.

Four-wheel drive coastal vehicles smuggled in Mazandaran

The head of economic security in the state of Mazandaran announced the discovery of two smuggled four-wheel drive motorcycles worth 32 billion riyals in the city of Noor.

In this regard, Colonel “Muhammad Muhammed Pur” said: In line with the plan to improve social security directed towards the neighborhoods and with the aim of dealing with violating motorcyclists, investigators and coordinators affiliated with this police in the city of Noor Police Command, by conducting media work on the movement of two heavy motorcycles in the sector And the coast of that city was reported.

4 thousand billion counterfeiting the promise of importing cars

He added: After completing the intelligence work, the Economic Security officers found two smuggled and illegal four-wheel drive motorcycles (700 and 650 cc).

The head of the economic security police for the state of Mazandaran explained that the value of the motorcycles discovered by the experts was estimated at 32 billion riyals, and he stated that the owners of the seized motorcycles were introduced to the competent authority for not submitting legal and customs documents.

Colonel Muhammed Pour said: Preventing crimes, especially dealing with smuggling, is one of the objectives of the police in implementing plans to improve social security.

Three children from two families drowned in the waters of Juibar Beach

The Police Chief of Jobar said: Three children from two families drowned in the coastal waters of Goldasht Jobar and lost their lives.

Colonel “Ghulam Reza Jafari” explained this news and said: Three children from two families living in the city of Kohi Khel Jobar drowned in the coastal waters of Goldasht Joibar.

He added: A 6-year-old girl and two girls aged 13 and 12, who were sisters, lost their lives in this accident.

4 thousand billion counterfeiting the promise of importing cars

Colonel Jafari said: After an hour of searching, the rescuers of the Red Crescent and the police removed the bodies of these people from the coastal waters and transferred them to the morgue of Azizi Joybar Hospital.

He stated that the shipwrecked were swimming with their families outside the sea plan, and asked citizens and travelers to swim within the sea plan so that they would not witness any unfortunate accidents.

It is worth noting that the city of Goibar has a coastline of 18 km and two sea improvement projects in Chipcrud and Larim serve travelers and this is the first inundation this year in the coastal waters of Goubar.

48 cases of theft of electricity transmission cables and equipment were discovered in Qaim a month

Al-Qaim Shahr police chief announced the discovery of 48 cases of theft of electrical cables and transmission devices, and the arrest of 7 thieves in that city.

Colonel Mehdi Khademi said in this regard: In order to deal with professional thieves and prevent theft of cables and electrical equipment, the issue has been placed on the agenda of city police officers.

He stated that during the past four days, police officers in the city of Qaim Shahr arrested 7 thieves with a history of electrical wires with round-the-clock efforts and implementation of preventive plans, and added: The officers were able to find 48 thieves in the city of Qaim Shahr. Interrogations and their confessions revealed the theft of cables and power transmission equipment.

4 thousand billion counterfeiting the promise of importing cars

In conclusion, the police chief of the city of Qaimshahr expressed his appreciation for the good cooperation of the people with the police in carrying out police operations and said: The police’s goal is to provide security and peace and thus satisfy the people. So the sincere cooperation of the people with the police will facilitate the operations.

A 52-year-old man drowned while fishing in Nika

Nika city police chief reported that a 52-year-old man drowned while fishing in that city’s Dukanlu River.

Colonel “Qasim Azizi” said: “Following news that a 52-year-old man drowned while fishing in the Dokanlu district of Neka city, police officers with 11th station immediately arrived at the scene with rescue forces.”

He added: With the presence of officers at the scene and in preliminary investigations, it was found that a 52-year-old man who was fishing in the “Naka River” with one of his relatives fell into the river due to unknown reasons and due to lack of familiarity with swimming skills drowned.

Nika city police chief said: In cooperation with police officers and rescue forces present at the scene, the drowned man was immediately transferred to Boali Nika Hospital, where resuscitation was unsuccessful and doctors confirmed his death.

Colonel Azizi advised the families to beware of the presence of family members swimming or fishing by the river so that they do not witness tragic events.

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