Petty theft is a public concern / Police crackdown on arms smuggling

The Deputy Commander-in-Chief said, “Small thefts are among the people’s concerns about taking satisfactory measures in the region, but it is necessary to take mutual measures in this regard.”

According to the informants, “Tehran, as the capital, is one of the country’s main provinces, and on the other hand, the cities around the capital have a special place,” Sardar Qassem Rezaei told reporters at the Special Disciplinary Command east of Tehran.

The country’s police force has established three retaliatory orders to administer the Greater Tehran Province, west of Tehran and east of Tehran.

The Deputy Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces said today during a visit to the Special Disciplinary Command east of Tehran: “The reports submitted by the relevant officials during this period indicate the command’s complete control over mission issues, and thank God all city officials are cooperating well with the East Special Command.” They are the owners of Tehran Province.

Referring to the dedication of 3,000 of the region’s martyrs to the regime and the Islamic revolution, Rezaei said: “Consider self-immolation, self-immolation, and martyrdom of colleagues in order to establish order and security, which is essential to regulating narcotics and illegal weapons.” . Foreign nationals, critical treatment of criminals, etc. should be given more attention than before.

He continued: Small thefts are from people’s concerns. Fortunately, satisfactory measures have been taken in this regard, but reciprocal measures must be taken in this regard. In the construction sector, municipalities must obtain a building permit, disciplinary supplement, and complete work.

The Deputy Commander-in-Chief said that paying attention to neighborhood guards, police advice, city cameras, etc. can help prevent and reduce theft to some extent. “

Regarding the fight against drug smuggling, he explained: Articles 16 and 41 are necessary to deal with this problem. Particular attention should be paid to collecting addicts and people stationed in centers should be returned to the community in good health.

Rezaei stressed that carrying and possessing a weapon is a crime, so owning, carrying and smuggling weapons will cause irreparable harm to society. It also violates the rights of citizenship. Security is the police’s red line, and it has been said many times that the police in the country deal with arms smugglers in accordance with the law.

According to the police information base, the deputy commander-in-chief of the police force also said regarding the regulation of foreign nationals: “This is one of the important issues that must be addressed, so the employment of illegal citizens should hold citizens accountable for crime and foreign employees.” “

Rezaei indicated that we have no consolation in dealing with gang members, noting that dealing decisively and seriously with thugs is one of the main priorities.

Pointing to the implementation of plans to improve the moral security of the special disciplinary leadership of the eastern province of Tehran, he said, “These demonstrations show the sacrifices of the Mujahideen in the field of fraud and assassination.”

The Deputy Commander-in-Chief suggested focusing on the safety of the busiest and most congested roads in the northern cities of the country, addressing the traffic problem, and encouraging the government and parliament to address the region’s problems. nation.

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