60% of the target population of the Shahid Foundation are “women”.

The vice president and head of the Martyrs and Veterans Foundation stated that the majority of the target population are women, he said: 60% of the target population are women.

According to the informants, Mr. Amir Hossein Ghazizadeh Al-Hashemi stated at the 211th meeting of the minister’s advisors for martyrs’ affairs, which was held on the issue of sacrificing women among the three and a half million martyrs, that this topic is currently being discussed. In the year 1380, the foundation is 1,900,000 women, and the rest are men. In fact, about 60% of the target population is women and perhaps less than 40% are men.

He continued, “The woman, the wife, and the mother have a central and unique role, and this central role cannot be hidden.” I was reading the statistics of single-parent families in European countries, according to which the most traditional country has about 20% of single-parent families, some countries have 60% and one country has 80% of single-parent families. This indicates that the family problem has worsened.

Ghazizadeh Al-Hashemi stressed the need to take care of women and the family and said: Perhaps the special task of our Islamic revolution is the problem of the family. The formation of a family, the stability of the family, its preservation and strengthening is important for the upbringing of a healthy generation, both physically and mentally, and this is what distinguishes us from the rest of the world. The concept of family is special in the perspective of Islam because it recognizes differences and defines values, duties and rules in the family.

Pointing out that in these forty years we have done little in the field of creating discourse and culture in the field of women and the family, and he said: We have a network of advisors in all state institutions, and there are advisors for women and sacrificed people. . . in all functional organizations.

The head of the Martyrs and Veterans Affairs Foundation said: We have assigned the Veterans Affairs Adviser several executive tasks. In addition to the memorandum we obtained with the deputy, women’s counselors and women’s organizations must support and cooperate with us. If this connection is established on the devices, it will continue to work.

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