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According to an online reporter, Kopri Tavakoli said Thursday night at the World Soil Day commemoration ceremony at the College of Agriculture of Dachistan: We are not in a good position in the field of soil degradation compared to the rest of the world. Soil erosion rate in Iran is three times the global average.

The Undersecretary for Plant Production Improvement in the Agricultural Jihad Organization in Bushehr Governorate added: In fact, the purpose of holding the World Soil Day celebration is to raise awareness and social support and create a culture of soil protection at an early age in society.

He said: The Agricultural Jihad Organization has planned 1,000 hectares for conservation agriculture in a multi-year program that begins this year with the participation of the Environment of Bushehr Province, the Committee and the General Directorate of Natural Resources. not important Seriously and at the water level Rainproof Preservation is implemented.

He said: In Bushehr province, which has petrochemical and oil fields, especially in the north and south, pollutants have increased in water and soil.

He said: The comparative advantage of tomatoes outside the season and growing them under plastic is soil pollution and erosion factors, and growing tomatoes under plastic causes severe damage to both water and soil, which is not the case. Out of pity We cause erosion.

He stated: There are many limiting factors in soil including soil erosion, water erosion, land use change, soil pollution, soil fertility, water management, fertility reduction and replenishment of this precious element. No way It works.

A reminder: Thinking of being more than 95% dependent on food it’s mean It reaches the soil directly, so diligence in conserving these resources is essential, and the duty of all government officials, researchers, environmentalists, program producers, and people. not important In this case.

The Plant Production Improvement Agent of Bushehr Province continued the Agricultural Jihad Organization: Biodiversity planning, conservation agriculture, erosion prevention, organic matter augmentation, sustainable soil management, and decontamination of polluted soils continued using modern technologies. One of the matters mentioned in the law is soil conservation.

He said: We must not allow soil and species biodiversity to be lost, we must invest in local knowledge in biodiversity, healthy soil, healthy life, healthy people are possible with soil biodiversity.

He said: We have 480 thousand hectares of agricultural land, of which 315 thousand hectares are arable, and this percentage is lost due to annual soil erosion.

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