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The best way to choose the right diet for each person is to have enough insight into the basic principles of proper nutrition and diets for weight loss.

According to the news magazine citizen He wrote: Nowadays, we have become aware of different types of diets, each of which, in addition to reaching the required and ideal weight, promises us to take advantage of useful food sources, and the best way to choose the appropriate diet for each person is this .. is to have enough insight For the basics of proper nutrition and diets for weight loss.

Don’t miss any meals!

Skipping meals disrupts the body’s metabolism. In this way, it reduces the production of some important substances such as proteins and the amount of energy expenditure, and once the excess calories enter, they are converted into stored fats instead of being burned.

Take breakfast seriously!

Many people do not like to eat breakfast. Meanwhile, when we have a full breakfast an hour after waking up, we start our day with a high and healthy metabolism and have enough energy for daily activities. Eating a full breakfast prevents extreme hunger and overeating at other meals.

Eat slowly!

Research shows that eating fast does not allow the intestines to send satiety signals to the brain in a timely manner, but chewing properly and eating slowly, in addition to making eating more enjoyable, prevents many digestive problems and weight gain.

No short term diets!

Many of us are attracted to short-term diets lasting a few days that do not help us lose weight, but cause problems for our health. On the other hand, after leaving these foods, we will return to the previous weight or more very soon. The best way to lose weight is to lose weight gradually over six months to a year and eat a balanced diet.

High calorie consumption, useless

We are all familiar with foods that are high in calories and usually have no benefits. This group includes all types of fast food, prepared and semi-finished products, carbonated soft drinks or industrial fruit juices. By consuming these substances, we are introducing large amounts of sugar into our bodies.

Don’t be fooled by nutritional products!

Although these products are low in fat and carry fat-free, low-fat, and low-calorie labels, they often use sugar and other additives to compensate for the taste and texture of the fat.

The importance of good sleep

Good sleep is very effective for the health and functioning of the digestive system and prevents weight gain. Lack of sleep disrupts appetite regulation, which often leads to increased appetite, increased calorie intake, and ultimately weight gain. People who don’t get enough sleep are more likely to gain weight. Lack of quality sleep has a negative impact on focus, productivity, efficiency and the functioning of the immune system.

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