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An online correspondent, Hojjat al-Islam Muhammad Ali Nekounam, after a field visit to the village of Dinaran and the villages affected by snow in the city of Ardal, reported this Thursday afternoon: We are in the village of Loshtar, where the access road has been closed due to snowfall.

He added: People are trying to reopen the road with difficulty and using tractors due to the lack of mechanisms.

And the representative of the Wali Faqih in Shahrmahal and Bakhtiari continued: The activity is taking place in the city of Ardel, and with the few machines available in the city, all of them are working, but they have not yet reached the Dinaran region and the village of Loshtar.

Nekounam said: This situation in the city of Ardel indicates the need to provide more equipment and machinery for these areas so that people do not face problems in critical situations such as heavy snowfall in recent days.

He pointed out that until the last day, even electricity was cut off in the area and roads were closed, despite people’s patience and understanding of the situation.

The representative of the Wali Faqih in Shahrmahal and Bakhtiari added: God has showered people with His blessings, and it is hoped that people will see the results of these blessings in the prosperity of their agriculture.

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