Fixed an issue where the water was not heating up for the Iranian m24ff coolant pack

Bottle water not heating up and flow switch failure related

Quoting Ariel Service, you must have noticed that on most hot water bottles that you open; The indicator will start flashing or, on some models, a tap-like icon will flash on the screen. If you see that this indicator is not working properly, it is possible that the water bottle is not heating up due to a malfunction or flow meter.

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The main function of the flow switch is to detect the opening and closing of the hot water consumption of the package. If it is because this part has failed, there is a way to diagnose it; This is a wire short circuit. If the packet is triggered, it means that the Flosswitch is broken. Of course, we recommend that if you do not have enough experience and skills, leave it to a professional technician.

Package water not heating or temperature sensor malfunction NTC

First, we’ll explain a little bit about a temperature sensor, or NTC, and how it works. As mentioned when we open the water; a piece called Flowswitch that detects if the water is open and if the water temperature is lower than the value set on other brands; The package will be activated immediately after that.

The job of the NTC component or temperature sensor is to detect the water temperature. On the other hand, if it is damaged and not working properly, the wrong temperature will be sent to the packaging board and the packaging system will mistakenly think that the water is hot, which can be regarded as a result of the packaging water not being heated.

Repairers usually try the following method to check if the temperature sensor is intact. First turn off the package; The two terminals of the ohmmeter are connected to the two terminals of the package temperature sensor, and then they increase the temperature of the NTC through an indirect flame. The resistance at 25 degrees should be about 10k ohms. As the temperature increases, this Ohm value should decrease.

Also, if you see that it is stuck on ohms or shows zero ohms, that means the temperature sensor is faulty. If the diagnosis is due to a temperature sensor failure, the solution to the water-not-heating package is to replace that part.

The package water does not heat up and the 3-way motor malfunctions

First, note that the single adapter package does not contain a three-actuator valve. Normally, if the three-way stop valve is faulty and does not open and close properly, even if the flame ignites, because hot water does not enter the secondary exchanger, the water in the package will not be heated, and that may be it.

There is a solution to diagnose three-way valve failure. Before you begin, be sure to check the 220V AC power for the motorized three-way valve. To begin, place the pack in the winter setting, then open the actuator valve actuator and turn on the hot water, making sure the tabs move properly. If necessary, open it and wash it to remove its sediment.

Given that the three-way valve is located in the hot water of the heating circuit. Although its type of plastic is less strong; But it is better than the brass type because it is less dull.

The package water does not heat up and the valve fails bypass

If you know the function of the bypass valve, you can troubleshoot it easily. This part is used in special circumstances. In times when the heating path encounters a large pressure drop or is generally blocked, in order not to be under too much pressure, a bypass valve is installed in the circuit to connect the return path of the heating circuit and the circulation process. easier to do.

But how does a bypass valve fail? When the bypass valve loses its condition and remains open, some of the heating circuit water always circulates in the way of the safety valve, and this causes the water heater to not get the required temperature and causes the package water to cool.

What’s the solution? ? You can use other brands or open the bypass valve and clean the copper tube inside. Note that in most two-adapter beam models, the secondary transformer is used for the beam rather than the bypass path.

5 Another reason is that the water in the package is not heated

The above things are all major causes which were related to the device itself.

Other reasons for the coldness of the water used in the pipes are:

The reason why the water used in the Iranian coolant package is not heated

Before checking and solving the cold and hot water problem in the package, be sure to read the above explanations. If the problems are not resolved, the following tips will be very helpful for you as to why the water intake in the Iranian coolant refill is not heating.

If the package of the m24ff Iranian radiator or other models of this brand does not heat the water, then one of the following conditions has occurred:

In most cases, the first thing you should check to see why the water in the Iranian Coolant Pack is not heating up is deposits in the Iranian Coolant Pack exchanger. The same situation can be the reason why the water used in the Iranian coolant package is not heated, which can be prevented by measures such as stabilization. Of course, note that you have to do this every two years.

In a way, installing a sediment filter in the water flow path of the pack inlet pipes has a great effect in preventing sediment blockages and problems such as the pack not running and the water not heating up. So do not underestimate the role of sedimentation in the transformer.

The package works, but the coolant does not heat up the coolant package iran hot water adjustment

Lights flash 40 and 70:

Usually, in this case, the pressure indicator reaches zero, which may be due to lack of pressure or openness. To solve this problem, you just need to open the blue valve located under the radiator so that water enters the heating circuit of the radiators. As soon as the pressure exceeds a little, you should close the valve.

The reason for not heating the water used in the gas stove

To check and why the water consumed in the butane refill is not heated and specifically why the water in the butane refill is not heated in the Optima, first read all the above points, and then check the following factors.

All the items mentioned in the field of Bhutan package reforms can be examined and implemented in different models.

The important point is not to heat the water used in the package

Bottle water not heating up is a problem that we may encounter often. We have explained above all the important points to check. We recommend that you look for the error code of the package in the manual of the device when you encounter the problem of not heating the used water or the water of the radiators.

The point to be aware of is that repairing some electrical appliances like packs is no joke at all and a simple mistake can cause irreparable loss of life and money.

Therefore, if you do not have the necessary expertise and experience, get help from a professional technician to prevent surges and other brands. “Service from us” helps you find the best specialists at affordable prices; Just register your first order

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