Introducing the best foreign brand Freezer Box

Fund freeze It is suitable for storing food in order to preserve its freshness and extend its shelf life. Box refrigerators are generally used in stores, restaurants, supermarkets, homes, supermarkets, etc. Box refrigerators contain a large cabinet to store food and have doors that can be opened and closed. The baskets for the box fridge are made of durable materials such as stainless steel to resist corrosion and impact. It also features strong thermal insulation to maintain the right temperature inside the cabin. Inside the frost-free chest freezer, there are usually adjustable shelves that allow you to place food in an orderly and orderly manner inside the freezer. Also, some models have a removable basket that allows you to easily arrange the food inside the freezer in a regular and specific order. In small and large chest freezers, a very low temperature is maintained to keep food well. Some chest freezers have advanced refrigeration systems that use powerful fans and compressors to keep the temperature inside the box at the right levels.

The best brand of home freezer, Nie Electrosteel Freezer Box

Types of freezers

  • Home freezer

Home freezers are designed and marketed for sale in various single and double door models with different capacities of 260 and 330 liters. As the name of this product suggests, the home chest freezer is a suitable choice for use in homes, villas, gardens, offices, etc. Compared with other models of ice cream refrigerators, it is smaller and more compact for sale. Produced The doors for household refrigerators are designed so that you can open them from the top. To restrict access to the freezer, you can restrict its door with the lock provided for it. The type of design chosen for production is in such a way that it has refrigeration suitable for storing products, and you can store the products you want in the freezer without freezing.

  • Steel chest freezer

Steel chest freezer (Old Design chest freezer) is designed and produced in two models, dry and normal, with four and six doors, and you can place them inside the freezer depending on the intended product type. So that you don’t have problems placing products, and you don’t have to worry about scratches and freezer rot, the body of the false freezer is made of all steel, and if customers require, it is also possible to choose galvanized sheets. Having the following features will make you buy a steel chest freezer.

  1. Equipped with polyurethane insulation to reduce energy waste and extend the useful life of the freezer
  2. Equipped with wheels for easy and hassle-free movement
  3. Equipped with a temperature display screen to set and control the temperature
  4. High strength in cold and freezing strength of products to prevent spoilage of products
  • Freezer ice cream box

Ice cream refrigerator, as the name of this product suggests, is a suitable choice for storing ice cream. The temperature of this type of ice cream freezer is between -18 and 22 degrees Celsius, in order to prevent the products inside the compartment from melting and spoiling. The glass door freezer has baskets in which you can put ice cream. Having these baskets will help you to easily supply the ice cream and you can easily choose the ice cream you want. The considered volumes for the production of this product range from 300 liters to 650 liters, and you can choose the right size to buy according to the area on which you plan to place the freezer. An important point that may be important to some customers is that whatever model you choose to buy, it has variable baskets, and accordingly you can choose the products you want in the order you want, put them into baskets.

The best brand of home freezer, Nie Electrosteel Freezer Box

Buy a chest freezer

In order to be able to choose the best model to buy, it is enough to pay attention to a series of points, so that you can choose the best model according to the budget that you have considered to buy. parameters when Buy a chest freezer Pay attention to it, it includes chest freezer price, dimensions and model, capacity, motor type, motor power, body material, etc. In order not to face any problem when purchasing, you can buy the freezer box you want from Prince Sarma Refrigeration Industries, and after placing your order it will take about 10 working days for the product you want to produce and ship. Get delivered through carriers that are active in the field.

The best brand of home freezer, Nie Electrosteel Freezer Box

The best foreign freezer brand

The brands that work in this field, by using the best parts and raw materials, have been able to produce premium and high quality products, to obtain the complete satisfaction of their customers. In order to be able to choose the best outdoor freezer model to buy, in this section we present the best outdoor chest freezer brands.

  • Freezer keno box

Kino brand is a well-known brand that has been able to sell high quality products in the field of refrigeration products. Freezers of this brand are designed in different models with different capacities, and you can choose one of the models to buy according to the factors you want.

  • Electrosteel freezer box

Electrosteel chest freezer is another model of home chest freezer, which you can use in environments like gardens, villas and very small shops. The intended color scheme of the Electrosteel Frost Free Chest Freezer has the sheets themselves in Korean colour, only available in white. One important thing for a freezer buyer is the amount of noise generated during operation. In this case, we have to say that the noise made by the freezers of this brand when they start up is very low and their sound range is 38 dB.

  • Freezer box for ice drink

The ice drink box refrigerators are designed and sold in the market in two models, single door and double door, with different sizes according to customer needs. In some cases, a single door chest freezer is placed under the main door with two sliding glass doors according to the customer’s request, in order to save energy. The two-door chest freezer greatly reduces energy waste when opening and closing the door. The temperature used to store the products ranges between -12 and -22 degrees Celsius.

  • Ice box freezer

Barfab Box refrigerators are designed and produced in such a way that they can be used in all areas with any kind of weather conditions. The presence of features such as a large and ergonomic space allows you to transport and store food in optimal conditions. Choosing several baskets in the chest freezer production, together with a transparent glass drawer, is another feature of the ice box freezer. The presence of other features such as A energy rating, interior light, thermostat to adjust the temperature, and the use of insulating polyurethane foam in the housing reduces energy losses in the chest freezer. The electricity consumption of these freezers is an important issue for customers. The reason this is important is because it can be effective in reducing costs.

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