Is the structure of the Chamber of Commerce changing?

The meeting to review the law to amend the law of the Iranian Chamber of Commerce was personally held in the presence of a number of members of the Iranian Chamber of Commerce and representatives of some financial institutions.

According to the informants, at the beginning of the meeting, Kivan Kashfi, a member of the Iran Chamber, said: The amendment of the Iran Chamber law has been whispered for nearly a year and is the last meeting. It was held in Shiraz to review this project. Laws are referred to Parliament for consideration, drafting, and amendment in several ways: such as a bill submitted by the Chamber of Iran, or for any reason, the government sends this bill to Parliament, or Parliament itself realizes the need to amend it. He. She. They put the law on the agenda as a project. The designers’ initial draft on the need to change the Iran Chamber Law has been turned into a plan and is now under consideration by the Parliament’s Economic Committee. Various meetings have been held in this regard, and many members of the House of Representatives are sensitive to some provisions of this law, and perhaps this meeting can help resolve these ambiguities so that a better and more comprehensive law can be drafted and approved. . We don’t have many problems.

Al-Kashfi added: “Amendment to the law of the Chamber of Commerce is not a bad thing, and the legal amendment has been on the agenda of the Iranian Chamber of Commerce board of directors many times in the past, but for some reason it is not.” But the current rush to change the law is dangerous and of great concern. This law has been the basis of economic activists for many years and will not be amended in the future. With elections approaching, there is no need to rush to change the law, and these concerns can be addressed by amending regulations or decrees.

According to the information base of the Iran Chamber, Parliamentary Representative Mohammad Reza Ramdani later mentioned the date of amending the Iran Chamber Law: “Then this plan was referred to the Economic Committee of the House of Representatives and on the agenda.” At the same time, the Council formed a committee in this regard. Several meetings were held last year and this year. The head of the Parliamentary Research Center, Muhammad Qassemi, summarized the committee’s views and presented them to the parliament. In the initial draft, the main issue regarding the legal nature of the Iran Chamber was emphasized. The matter was examined in the Parliamentary Committee and the Special Committee. Finally, the main purpose of writing the law is to address the concerns of the Iran Chamber.

Then Ramzani presented a report on the process of reviewing the bill to amend the law of the Iranian Chamber of Commerce and Industry: Representatives of the Iranian designer and the Chamber of Commerce considered that the institutions should be in the Chamber, but the Economic Committee of the Council of Ministers. The house of numbers is considered zero; Finally, the Iran Chamber is an organization that insists that representatives of organizations be members and has nominated 45 people, and the number of parliament members has been reduced from 510 to 300. According to the new plan, the number of deputies in the Tehran Chamber has reached 30, the government will have 10 representatives and cities between 5 and 15.

Later, the head of the Iran Chamber Research Center, stressing the amendment of the law to amend the Iranian Chamber of Law, said: “Several meetings were held in the Iran Chamber to review the Iran Chamber law.” This panel does not confirm the opinion of an individual or a limited group in any way. In one year, the opinions of several individuals and the Iran Chamber were continuously collected and summarized, and the committee decided the legal nature of Iran. room. Do not change this model.

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