How much does a mobile phone repair job make?

Nowadays, cell phone repair has become one of the most lucrative and thriving businesses and jobs that attract the attention of many people; Since the price of mobile phones is increasing day by day and due to the unstable economic conditions in the country, people do not have enough financial ability to buy a new phone. Many people prefer having their old phones diagnosed and repaired at a lower cost at a reputable cell phone repair center than paying a lot of money for a new phone.

People who are interested in this job can earn very high income by taking mobile repairing courses in Tobix mobile repairing school as one of the reputed schools. Data obtained up to December of 1401 show that the monthly income of the 4,300 male and female students working in the Topix School was between 5 and 50 million tomans.

In this article, we will talk about the impact of participating in a mobile repair training course in increasing income, the importance of mobile repair training from zero to one hundred, and the benefits of enrolling in Tobix training courses as the best mobile repair training. School.

What is a mobile repair course?

One of the professional technical courses, including mobile hardware and software training that is conducted online, in person and privately in mobile repair schools, is the mobile repair course. Those interested in a mobile device repair job can increase their knowledge, awareness and skills by participating in these courses and quickly enter the job market.

Also note that people who are interested in this job after completing the training courses held in reputable mobile repair schools under the supervision of a technical and vocational organization, it is better to work for a few months even with limited and low income to get work experience working as a trainee in one of the mobile repair centers.

As a matter of fact, the mobile repair job will be productive and profitable when you do not neglect the expertise as well as acquiring the necessary skills. Of course, there are other important things in increasing the income from this job, which we will mention below.

aWhat are the factors affecting the increase in income for this job in addition to passing the mobile repair training course?

In addition to taking part in mobile repair courses and refreshing your knowledge and skills in the field of repairing different types of mobile phones, other factors include choosing the right location to start a business, buying all the necessary tools for phone repair and knowing everything. Mobile spare parts and awareness of market problems, and they are also effective in increasing the income of this job, which we will explain below about each of them.

Choosing the right place to start a business

As mentioned, the first and foremost factor in increasing mobile repair job income is that people who are interested in this type of job take part in the mobile repair training course and after participating in the course classes under the supervision of experienced professors and learn get all the comprehensive training topics in the workshop spaces Most Equipped In Reputable Mobile Repair Schools Get Skill Certificates.

With a skill certificate, you can apply for a business license. After obtaining a license, choosing the right place to start a business has a significant impact on increasing the income of mobile repairmen and changing the fate of their business. If the store chosen to start the business is in a crowded place, the number of customers will increase day by day.

Why is it the best way to become a professional repairman who trains from zero to one hundred mobile repair?

To become a professional and skilled repairer, you must start mobile repair training from the right stage. In fact, the only way to become a professional repairman with a very high income is to take part in a zero to one hundred mobile repair training course at a reputable mobile repair school like Tobix Mobile Repair School.

The Zero to Hundred Mobile Repair course is conducted in person, online and privately under the supervision of experienced professors and at an affordable cost. In this course, participants first get acquainted with the basic concepts of electronic science. Familiarity with these concepts has a huge impact on learning to repair mobile devices. Among the most important basics in electronics, we can mention things like complete familiarity with electrical boards available in portable devices and familiarity with components such as resistors, jumpers, capacitors, etc.

After getting acquainted with the basics of electronic science, it’s time to learn about the tools and equipment needed to repair tablets and mobile phones, and how to work with each of them. In mobile repair training, Android mobile repair training, iPhone mobile repair training, and Tablet and iPod repair training are discussed separately. At the end of the course, the participants will be given a valid certificate so that they can enter the job market with this certificate.

The mobile repair training is divided into several sections and what topics does each section include?

In reputed schools like Topix, mobile repair training is provided in two parts, including hardware repair and software repair, under the supervision of the best professors and with the latest equipment, so that trainees can become professional and effective repairmen by learning mobile repair in these two parts.

In the mobile device repair training in the hardware section, tips such as using the most appropriate tin paste to separate integrated circuits, how to remove and place integrated circuits, how to remove the touch screen, remove a faulty LCD screen and replace it with a healthy LCD screen, principles of stencils and … trainees are taught.

Learning about applied electronics, different types of power supplies, types of batteries, types of keyboards, instructions on how to take parts and parts, instructions on block diagram, how to properly change the LCD, LED, mobile phone battery, instructions on how to connect a mobile board , instructions for repairing charging circuit defects, removing mobile deposits, how to open or close all types of mobile phones, repairing defects in the wireless and audio circuits of all types of mobile phones are the most important topics of the mobile device repair training course.

In the mobile repair training in the software section, tips such as full familiarity with IOS and Android operating system, familiarity with important software such as odin, 3u tools, itunes, etc. mobile troubleshooting, training all mobile boxes, how to create an Apple ID And rooted trainees are taught how to update iPhone operating system, how to restore, take backups of iPhone and Android phones, etc.

What are the benefits of enrolling in the Topix School mobile device repair course?

The benefits of mobile repair courses far exceed the costs of these courses and by using them, you will earn good income after completing the course and setting up a mobile repair shop in the most suitable place in your city. Here is one of the top benefits of enrolling in a mobile repair course at Tobix Mobile Repair School.

  • Take advantage of the services of the best mobile repair school in Iran
  • Practical training and theory of mobile repair tips in the most equipped workshops at an affordable cost
  • The possibility of attending the mobile repair training course successively without the need to pay again
  • Free online and telephone support for trainees after completing the mobile repair course
  • Introducing authentic dormitories for city apprentices
  • Holding training courses on Thursdays and Fridays for employees
  • State-of-the-art equipment provided to trainees during training
  • Benefit from the best and most experienced masters in the field of mobile device repair
  • Providing the best educational advice by the most skilled and experienced teachers
  • Bring a valid technical certificate to obtain a commercial license and quick entry into the labor market
  • Learn to identify mobile device repair and parts
  • Full familiarity with all hardware and software components of all types of mobile phones
  • Possibility to enroll in mobile repair learning courses at Topix School for all people across the country
  • The possibility of purchasing the necessary tools for mobile repair by the trainees in installments and at a discount
  • Become a professional repairman with our zero to one hundred mobile repair training
  • Teaching the trainees a suitable road map to enter the labor market and earn a high income from the teachers
  • Holding a mobile device repair training course within a month
  • Repair training for various brands of mobile phones with Android and iPhone operating systems


In this article, we first explained about the mobile phone repair job income and the company’s influence on Topix mobile phone repair training courses in increasing the income of repairmen in this field. In the following, we have also indicated that in addition to the practical training and theory of mobile phone repairs that are provided in reputable schools such as Tobix Mobile Repair School, there are factors such as choosing the right place to set up a repair shop, purchasing the necessary tools for repair, knowing the parts, and knowing the problems of the mobile device market. Also effective in increasing mobile device repair category income.

In the following parts of the article, we have talked about mobile repair training from zero to one hundred, mobile and software repair training in courses, and the benefits of enrolling in the mobile repair training course at Tobix Mobile Repair School. I hope you have made the most of the information presented in this article.

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