Iran Khodro does not offer any products in the second phase of integrated sales

While Iran Khodro previously confirmed that in the second phase of car sales, it will certainly present Haima along with the products that are available, it has now announced in an announcement that the product offering in the second phase is in line with the fulfillment of previous commitments, and it will not have and will not offer until Haima.

According to the informants, Iran Khodro Industrial Group announced in an announcement about the supply and presence of Haima cars in the second phase of the integrated sale of cars in the integrated customization system, and confirmed: Based on the plans established, the product Hema At this point, the sale of domestic cars will be shown along with other products of this company which can be shown according to the production schedule.

In this announcement, Iran Khodro pledged that the time prioritization of Haima capacity allocation and delivery date will be notified through an integrated system; However, since the products of this industry group are accepted by customers, this company must allocate supply capacity based on the production plan so that all obligations can be fulfilled on the due date.

Iran Khodro does not even offer Haima

This car group announced in an announcement that it was not possible to participate in the second stage, but it is trying to reach the next stage by increasing its supply capacity.

Iran Khodro’s declaration stated:

“Iran Khodro, in order to better respond to customers and fulfill the obligations created by the deadline, did not have the opportunity to participate in the second phase of the integrated sale, and with the appreciation of customers for choosing the products of this company and sorry for the lack of supply of cars in the second phase,” she emphasizes. It will be planned to increase production capacity, and its products will be offered in the next stages of selling the integrated system.

Also, considering that the sales method in the integrated system has priority and without lottery, the demand for Haima’s famous product is much higher than the production capacity of the current year, and for this reason, if it is put forward in the second stage, many applicants will wait in line for a long time They will stay and the delivery of their car will be postponed to next year for sure.”

So, “Iran Khodro”Confirmation and affirmationHe has infringed himself and will not offer our products.

the end of the letter

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