Kremlin support to cut OPEC + oil production

OPEC + Kremlin support to cut oil production

The Kremlin spokesman announced the country’s support for the OP Plus oil production cut.

According to the news agency, The OPEC + group, among the most influential oil producers, agreed last Wednesday to reduce its daily oil production by two million barrels, contrary to the policy of the administration of US President Joe Biden in the Persian Gulf to increase production.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said on Sunday that Russian President Vladimir Putin helped reach important details based on mutual interests and trust by establishing respectful bilateral relations with Saudi Arabia and the UAE.

“Instead of saying that this is a victory for Russia and its allies, I want to say that this is a victory of common sense,” he continued.

Peskov appreciated the possibility of a balanced, deliberate and planned decision by countries that take such a responsible position in OPEC against the actions of the United States, and at least eliminate the chaos caused by the actions of the United States. energy markets

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