Journal of managing the entry and exit of individuals with attendance

One of the most important points in corporate management is to monitor the entry and exit of employees and manage their presence and absence. It is important to determine when employees enter the company and when they leave. It is very important to know which workers are running late or how much overtime they are working. With a good smart attendance system, you can easily calculate all matters related to attendance and absence of employees (entry/exit time, work deduction, absence, leave, assignment, overtime, total work, etc.) and employee salary. employees. Pay correctly and on time.

The best fingerprint attendance device The best facial recognition attendance device

Solutions for managing employee check-in and check-out hours

There are different ways to manage entry and exit of individuals. Registering manually in offices, using software such as Excel, using punched cards which are old methods, along with new solutions such as using attendance cards and biometric systems (face and fingerprint recognition). On the web and on the Internet, attendance and absence by mobile phone, etc. are among the solutions that you can use to manage and monitor attendance and absence of employees.

Today, the old methods such as manual registration in offices or Excel and the old punched cards are no longer used and are outdated. But there are many new ways to make your work in the field easier, more accurate, and much faster than before.

Attendance devices

The most widely used method of managing employee attendance and absence is the use of new sign-in and check-out devices, which record the accurate time of workers and employees by methods such as contactless card, fingerprint, face and palm prints. iris.

According to the number of employees, the number of shifts, and the work environment, each company and organization can use different types of attendance and absence devices.

These devices are produced in different brands, in different models, and at different prices. For example, you can buy an attendance machine at a price of about 3-4 million tomans to about 100 million tomans.

The different brands of watch making machines are:

  • Suprema – Suprema
  • Verdi – Verdi
  • Zketiko – Zketiko
  • Timmy
  • TrustOne – TrustOne
  • Netgen
  • Local companies like World of Processing, Alam Sanat, Kara2000, Palizfar, Ghadir, etc.

We have many devices on the market, and the most popular attendance and absence systems currently being sold are:

  • LX15 fingerprint machine
  • K14 finger card device
  • Attendance and traffic control device F22
  • UF100 Fingerprint and Face Recognition Device
  • F632 face and fingerprint device
  • Uface302 and Uface402 watch making machine
  • Ai06F and Ai07F face recognition device
  • FaceStation-F2 attendance machine
  • MB2000 device
  • Ubio-X face device
  • Attendance machine W7
  • Saint Shine Finger Device
  • Toosun model
  • And many other models

For the different models of time attendance devices with specifications and prices, see the entry for time and attendance devices on the Hozur and Absence magazine website.

All devices presented on the respective site have attendance software, warranty and free support services.

Also, use the free consultation by calling 09190273245 or sending a message via WhatsApp and get information about available models and their prices.

Online attendance system

If you have a large company or organization or you have many points whose presence you want to manage centrally, it is better to use advanced and online attendance systems such as online attendance software that allows online communication with they have several devices from the same center even if the devices are in different cities .

The attendance device you choose here must have a network connection port and online offloading capability.

Attendance and absence with mobile

Mobile attendance is also known as online attendance software, deviceless attendance. In this system, an app is installed on the employee’s smartphone and they can log them in or out through location, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

The traffic recorded by the phone is immediately stored in the server database and can be tracked online.

Note: Online attendance does not require an hour.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an employee attendance management system?

Attendance Management System is a cloud-based HR technology tool that enables organizations to automate attendance management processes and track employee hours.

What are the ways to manage attendance?

Manual System Prior to the era of technology, manual attendance was the most common method of attendance tracking. The different types of attendance management system are:

Schedule, automated systems, entry/exit cards, contactless cards, badges or key fobs, biometric attendance, interactive voice response, and online attendance software.

What is the best way to record employee attendance?

The most common method is through paper records or electronic records. Employee attendance tracking software helps employers manage employee schedules and ensure their presence at work. This ensures employee efficiency and also reduces absenteeism.

How do you manage employee attendance in Excel?

Download an Excel attendance template to track attendance data for employees or students. Use template structure and functionality to document and manage attendance data. You can also edit categories and headings, or add columns for ID or contact details.

What are the methods of recording time attendance and absence?

It is a very useful and mechanical method of recording the presence and absence of workers entering the facility. In this system, a time card is used to record attendance and absence, which is given to each worker with an identification number and other relevant information.

What is Smart Attendance Management System?

Smart Attendance System with state of the art facial recognition system is a real-time solution for dealing with employees with daily activities and can be used to automatically recognize a human face by recording the current date, time and location.


There are various methods for logging in and out of employees and managing the attendance and absence of employees, which we have introduced in this article. In general, the methods and tools for controlling the entry and exit of employees are:

  • Log office traffic traditionally and manually
  • Use free software such as Excel and Google Sheets to create a table and manually record entries and exits
  • Use old punching machines and card traffic
  • Purchase of new time attendance devices (card, fingerprint, facial recognition)
  • Online attendance systems
  • Online attendance software (mobile application)

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