The story of the occupation of 26000 square meters of land in the port of Turkmenistan / with the aim of identifying unsafe buildings

Detectives / Golestan The Director General of the Golestan Inspectorate explained that 26,000 square meters of land had been confiscated in the port of Turkmenistan and returned to the treasury.

Muhammad Taqi Haji Mashadi, today, Monday, July 27, in a press conference with Golestan Agency, tells the story of the return of 26 thousand square meters of government land confiscated in the port of Bandar al-Turkman. We have an area of ​​26 thousand square meters and this person has already reported the land, our investigations showed that it was occupied and a file was registered, which resulted in the recovery of this person’s records.

And after four years, the man again admitted the negligence of the relevant authorities and abolished the state land, which was later rejected in our appeal and it was decided that the land belonged to the state. And the treasury. “to retreat.

The Director General of Golestan Inspectorate in the case of land acquisition of Bandar Al-Turkman wharf said: It is the duty of the relevant executive body to cancel the records of the concerned person who informed us. Correspondence is required.

Hajj Mashhadi announced the order of the General Inspectorate of Golestan Province to identify unsafe buildings and said: The city incident is a secluded place for the monitoring and enforcement agencies to prevent similar incidents.

The Director General of the Golestan Inspectorate failed to revive Wolf Bey, and noted: during the visit of the Head of the General Inspection Authority to Wolf Bey, the necessary clarifications were received from the officials, after which the obedience began. and warnings and alerts to relevant parties.

“Numerous correspondence has been made regarding the activation of Wolf Bey and is being reported regularly to the head of the country’s public inspection body,” he said. Our task is to bring these procedures closer together.

Haji Mashadi, in his statement that it is our duty to pathology and to monitor the activities and performance of directors and directors, added: “There are laws that the judiciary can access directly in the Gorgon Bay area.”

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