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What does the pipe opening service include?

Pipe opening in Tehran is one of the jobs of cleaning services that, in addition to the need for accuracy and skill, requires high experience and compliance with safety and health points. Sewer pipes are full of bacteria, viruses, germs and various pollutants, which can pose a serious danger to people’s health if they spread in the home or the general environment. For this reason, jobs such as opening pipes in Tehran are among the services that are most sensitive. It is for this reason that Elo Pipe Opening Company partners with highly skilled and experienced staff and technicians, who know the sensitivities of this job, and are committed to it. They put health and safety issues at the top of their work to provide the best services.

A blocked pipe can cause a lot of damage. Not only is it unsightly, but it can cause flooding. When sewage comes back into your home, you can get sick from all the bacteria and other harmful substances in the water. By keeping your pipes clean, you will reduce the risk of this happening. The most important step in unclogging a tube is to keep your hands clean at all times. Wash anything that might be contaminated thoroughly before handling it, and always make sure to wear gloves when handling waste. You should also keep the faucet closed when not in use. If you leave it open while you’re brushing your teeth or cooking, there’s a good chance that leftovers will end up in your drain.

What are the commonly used methods for unblocking sewage pipes?

Before pipe unblocking service providers in North Tehran start pipe unblocking and pipe unblocking, the type of pipe blockage and the location of the pipe must first be determined so that the pipe blockage can be removed in the correct way. The main methods used in this company for opening pipes are:

Using the spring of an electric tube opener

As mentioned earlier, one of the most effective and widely used methods for clearing pipe blockages, including blockages with solids, is to use a spring-loaded pipe opener. The electric tube opener spring consists of a motor and a spring, the motor of which is in the form of an auger and a spring is attached to its head.

Open the tube with an air compressor

One of the methods used to drain the well in western Tehran when soil and similar materials accumulate in the pipe, causing the pipe to become clogged, is to open the pipe using air pressure. The mechanism of the air compressor is that the air is collected by pumping into the tube opener and the amount of compressed air inside the device is displayed with one hand. When the air pressure is sufficient, it is immediately released in the trapped tube to allow excess material to pass into the tube path. You have to be very careful in using this method and leave it to the Pirouzh tube opening companies.

Hand pump tube opener

The hand pump has a semicircular piece of plastic that acts as the pump and handle. This device is usually found in all homes, and housewives use this device to unclog pipes when they encounter slow drainage of water from the sink.

Pipeline services around the clock and immediately

This company is doing its best to be with the dear citizens of Tehran at every hour of the day and night without any holidays in the difficult conditions of pipe blockage and the chaotic situation that occurs in the building. Also, all procedures for unscrewing pipes and opening pipes in Rasht are done in the shortest possible time and quickly so that service workers spend as little time as possible in your home or workplace. This is why all service workers are motorized so they don’t have to be late even during peak traffic hours.

Serves all areas of Tehran

If you are looking for experts for water pipes, dehumidification and pipe burst diagnosis in Tehran, who will quickly visit your address, you can contact the experts of Elo Pipe Opener Technical Services Company. The speed of work, being on time in the place, and responding in a timely manner is one of the factors for choosing service companies. Perhaps providing the same service within two or three hours will not open a knot in your business. In order to be on site quickly, branches must be set up in all areas of pipe opening in Tehran and Mashhad, so that they can provide pipe opening services in Tehran immediately.

Opening of pipes according to union tariff

Just like when buying, price is one of the factors that influence your decision, so the price of well draining and pipe opening should have a standard that all service companies are subject to. But unfortunately, some profit seekers take advantage of people’s desperation when they need services such as clearing pipe blockages, raising well water, and asking for extraordinary fees for traditional services.

Unblocking the Iranian or Persian toilet pipe

First, it is necessary to start pumping the pipe open for light blockage, this is a simple method that you can easily do personally or with the help of an expert. You start pumping and continue until the drain pipe is completely opened.

But if the blockage is severe and the pumping does not work, it is necessary to go to the air pressure device, and the use of this device is within the scope of work of the pipe opening specialist, as it opens the pipe path at high speed and pressure and makes the water flow easily in this path.

The use of an air compressor is associated with a terrible sound, and if you live in an apartment, it is better to use this device at the right time. In addition, if the service worker is not familiar with the operation of this equipment, it may break the toilet stone, which will cause additional costs for the business owner. This is the reason why we always recommend you to be very careful in choosing pipe opening companies in Tehran so that one problem does not turn into two.

Elo Pipe Opener Company, the cheap pipe opener

It is natural to look for the cheapest prices in any field. If you are looking for a specific service, you will search for the company that offers the cheapest service among different websites and companies. Cheap Pipe Openers is very important in providing pipe opening services. Since the pipe opening job is one of the high-paying jobs with low cost but a lot of effort, many urgent pipe opening companies in Tehran reduce and discount the prices of their services in order to earn more money and attract customers.

Having a long history in the profession, Elo Pipe Opener Technical Services has created fast and cheap pipe openers at the top of their services.

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